4 Best Tips In Choosing Your Ideal Dry Herb Vaporizer

Gadgetsby Mashum Mollah19 February 2021

With dry herbs and vaping hitting the green light on all-things trendy (and newly-discovered health-beneficial, might we add) in the realm of safer innovations for marijuana products, you’re probably thinking of hopping onto the bandwagon.

How To Choose The Perfect Pocket Vaporizer

1. Travel-Friendliness


Portability has finally become a feature that dry herb vaporizers claim, and with gusto. When back in the day (not too long ago, really), vaporizers were heavy plug-in machines that needed to be stationed in a single spot for utilization, not so with their portable alternative.

But you should note that portability and light-weightedness are not to reduce the rest of the features of the vape. Oven chamber size, storage capacity, mouthpiece ergonomic-ness (not an actual word), and the like— these should still be at the forefront of your vape-hunting. Less of said features may affect the “throwing” capacity of the vaporizer itself. And you should! Check Furna Vaporizer and learn about how you should choose your ideal Dry Herb Vaporizer.

2. Frequency Of Use Versus Vape Material Composition

Vape Material

Not all vapes are built the same. They may offer the same function (allowing you to get a whiff of a calming vibe whenever you need to detox from work-stress). But in material composition and type, each one is different from the next.

If budget is your main benchmark, then you’ll find plastic vaporizers light on the pocket. The catch is that these often have a shorter lifespan because of their mid-durability. Still, they’re favorites of many because they’re easily accessible on the market.

Next on this list are the glass-mouthpiece category. Dry herb-enthusiasts and experts who are invested in how “smooth” drafts go frequently choose this option. A glass mouthpiece has a less-to-no impact in terms of changing the composition of every draft. Thus, the perception of it providing a cooler whiff of greens.

3. Heating Chamber Or “Oven”

The heart of a vaporizer is its heating chamber or the “oven”. This is where all the magic transpires. Since vaporizers are a leap higher than devices that operate on combustion (i.e. burning), the vape heating chamber functions via atomization and, as its name suggests, vaporization.

As a section of the atomizer, the heating chamber’s coil heats up when the device is powered on. To oversimplify it (catch our detailed explanation in our next post), it causes said oven to heat your cannabis herbs. Its vapors are released and are what you inhale as you take a draft from it.

Why this overview of how an oven works? Because its capacity is a feature you are to know about when shopping for vapes. Ceramic is among the best materials for an oven that preserves herbs even as they vaporize. Check those that have chambers of a ceramic make.

4. Temperature Control

In relation to the above, “temperature” is just as vital as the material and capacity of an oven. The more “high-end” vapes have a digitalized option of users inputting the specific temperature they prefer. And the more economical vapes usually have temperature levels that are fixed, from “low”, “medium”, and to “high” (pun unintended here).

Rookies in vaping are recommended that they get used to vapes with fixed temperature regulating settings. Knowing the temperature ideal for your vaping takes experience and expertise. But if you already are a novice in getting the good stuff out of marijuana, go for the latter, by all means.

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