Body Shaming Issue Might Lead To Breakup Between Bebe Rexha and Her Boyfriend!

News by  sagnika sinha 17 July 2023

Breakup Between Bebe Rexha and Her Boyfriend

In a screenshot shared by singer Bebe Rexha, her boyfriend Keyan Safyari seems to justify his comment on her body weight gain! In the screenshot, Safyari appears to be defending himself and trying to explain his comment about weight gain Bebe Rexha as his honesty.

He has also highlighted how her body shames him by calling him “chubs” or “fat” even when he gains 3 pounds. Safyari calls her out by saying she has gained 35 pounds and her face changes.

In the text, he also mentions that he still loves her even when he addresses her weight gain. Safyari mentions that she uses this reason as an excuse for breaking up, which he doesn’t agree with. Instead, he also said in the text that the real reason might be related to him, her, her life, or their future.

The way the screenshot is shared on the Instagram story, she hints at a breakup because there is no detailed context of prior messages. She is addressing their issues with this screenshot, making her body image issues a significant concern.

She has been very open about her weight gain struggles after being diagnosed with PCOS, which she openly admitted on social media platforms. Bebe Rexha says she is discouraged and upset about her boyfriend’s comment about her weight gain.

Netizens believe that there is a possibility that the couple will be separating soon; however, there has not been any official announcement regarding the same. The singer was seen singing her songs on her IG story on Saturday night.

It comes after another recent accusation posted on social media where surfer Sarah Brady shared screenshots of texts by boyfriend Jonah Hill. Through the screenshots, Brady accused her famous Hollywood actor boyfriend of emotionally abusing her. It took the internet by storm!

Stars and celebrities are using social media platforms to create awareness and highlight significant issues that previously were covered up or did not come into the public eye.

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