Tips on Buying an Office in Kolkata

Real Estateby Ariana Smith31 March 2022

Buying an Office in Kolkata

If you are a first-time business owner just setting up your business then buying an office might great option. But if you are an established business thinking of taking the next step in cementing your business and providing it an address where people can come and meet up with you then buying office space in Kolkata is a very good idea indeed.

Buying an office space in Kolkata is always a great idea and investment as well. With new areas of business developing every day, it is imperative that your business also keep up with them. People are moving business premises just so that they can have a better business address, an address they would like to be associated with.

So here below are some tips for buying an office

First and foremost, if you are planning to buy office space in Kolkata then ensure that your office is a new building and not an old one. The value of a new building always remains intact and appreciated over time. This means that while you use the office the value of the office space in Kolkata is also appreciated.

The best way to a good deal on the value of the office space in Kolkata is to purchase the office space via a real estate broker. The real estate broker will first speak with the seller and let you know their offer price. At this point you can give your counteroffer price, a price that you think sweetens the deal for you and is a fair price for the property.

The Art of Negotiating

Buying office space in Kolkata is something every business person would like. But how do you know that the price of the property being offered to you is a fair price? Most companies in the real estate business try to charge a premium on their real estate projects but later on offer some discounts to clear up inventory. The real estate broker will first offer you the list price, a price that is currently being quoted by the company.

Mind you the real estate broker is here to deal with you on your behalf and with the real estate company on your behalf. You must throw a counteroffer and ask the real estate broker to ask the real estate company if they are happy to go ahead with the deal at your offered price.

Patience is the key here. If you can show patience and are willing to negotiate then there is a good chance you will get a better price. Awareness is also the key, try and find out what was the price on which the last deal was signed. Ask other real estate brokers about the market price for offices in that particular office space for sale in sector 5 Kolkata.

You should also be aware of other things. Like, if the office space is a brand new one, a just-launched project then the developer might not be willing to negotiate much in terms of price. But if the office building is say like 2 years old and the developer is looking to sell out their remaining inventory then that does make a case for a better price on the property for sale.

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