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Real Estate by  Mashum Mollah 17 November 2021

New Condo

Do your eyes set on an attractive condo unit in Singapore? Congratulations! Buying a property is often one of the biggest financial decisions people make. In this blog, we have detailed the roadmap of buying a new condo in Singapore. All you have to do now is to give it a read.

How To Buy A New Condo In Singapore 

How To Buy A New Condo In Singapore 

The first step you will need to do before making this life-changing decision is performing some research so you can make smart, informed choices that won’t end up giving you sleepless nights down the road. Visit this site and here are the key things that will guide you through your venture into home-ownership:

There are several things to consider, but before you can even think about buying your dream home, you will need to make sure that you have the financial means necessary. Check if you have enough cash for a down payment, as well as what kind of monthly installments you will need to pay. This often forms the biggest part of your monthly expenditures, so make sure you can afford it!

Do a full financial assessment before making the jump. Also, take into account other costs such as stamp duty and legal fees when finalizing your budgeting plan.

This is not to say that flashing cash in the bank will automatically get you a house, but be realistic about what you can afford.

Keep in mind that plans such as marriage, having a child, or education can affect your finances and impact your decision to buy a home.

For the young generation who are in their late 20s or early 30s, it may be worth considering upgrading from renting to buying when you turn 30 because the costs of owning a property are generally lower than renting.

This is because the three-year rule states that if you are planning to buy an HDB resale flat, you must wait at least three years after obtaining your first home before you can own another one. So it may be better to leave marriage and kids after buying a property!

Strategize What Kind of House You Want:

Strategize What Kind of House You Want:

Strategize what kind of house you want before venturing out on your property hunt.

Do some research online to find out what kind of homes are in demand, and which ones are selling for reasonable prices if you are on a budget. Location is also important, so make sure that the area you want to live in matches your lifestyle.

Being fixated on a particular house design can also cost you money, so it’s important to be open-minded and have a balance of requirements. If you need more space but don’t have the funds for that, consider upgrading your lifestyle by downsizing instead.

Be well-prepared before buying! Call up the developer to check the availability of units and negotiate the best price before making an offer.

Another important consideration is the developer. Make sure to check their track record and see what other people have to say about them online because this information can help you make a better judgment on how reliable they are. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and go with a more established name – after all, a safe bet is better than a risky one.

Your property agent can also help you get in touch with the right people to carry out the necessary checks on the developer and unit you want to purchase, so you must find one who has your best interests at heart.

You should also consider buying from a reputable developer because their projects will generally be more carefully planned and researched, and they are also likely to abide by the rules.

To make sure that you’re not taken for a ride, it’s important to find out if there are any outstanding issues with the land or building ownership, as well as the applicable BTO/HDB launch dates of nearby units.


To conclude, having a new condo is awesome as it would require less maintenance. Nevertheless, its maintenance costs increase with the passage of time. In countries like Singapore, old condos have more space although they are expensive enough. I hope you have got some rich ideas of how to buy a new condo in Singapore from the insights above. Keep an eye out on our website for more intriguing reads in the future.  

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