Tips And Tricks For Buying Your Roll-Off Trailer

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Buying Your Roll-Off Trailer

Are you looking for a roll-off trailer? Well, it’s critical to look for high-quality equipment. There are great trailers out there. But it’s important to shop around for a renowned manufacturer who sells top-notch trailers.

Get your Canadian roll off trailer from a top brand. Here’s what you should take into consideration during your hunt.

Cable System

There are two common types of roll-off cable systems. Certain manufacturers utilize reeving cylinders while others use winding cylinders.

Reeving cables are more durable than winding cables. Plus, they’re easier to maintain. Even more, they’re noiseless and safer to operate.

Paint Process

Paint Process

Inquire about the painting process. Powder coating is always an excellent option. It offers a greater UV rating and your trailer will be highly resistant to chips, as well as, scratches. Make sure the trailer has been accurately painted and primed.

Remember, not all manufacturers prime their trailers. If you want your trailer to look attractive for a long, consider opting for a primed one.



When it comes to engines, there are countless options to consider. These include Briggs, Honda, as well as, Kolar. Thus, be sure to settle for the highest quality engine.

But of all these options, Honda engines are top-performing. They offer the best track record for roll-off trailers.


Look for a trailer with fewer moving parts. This will minimize the points of failure. Torflex axles deliver a smoother ride. Plus, they’re simple to repair.

Don’t forget to check the operator controls as well. Certain trailers are controlled using manual levers while others are operated with wireless remotes.

Whereas both options are ideal, automatic controls are more efficient and easier to use. You won’t need to apply any physical force. All you need is to press a button and you’ll be good to go. Not all trailers are the same. So, be sure to carefully review your options.



Look for a trailer that’s easy to maintain. Check out for grease zerks. Make sure recessed grease zerks are available on each shaft.

They should be visible and easily accessible. Easy maintenance will decrease labor costs and enhance the longevity of your trailer. Plus, it’ll significantly improve your company’s profitability.


Search for bolted fenders. In case you get involved in a fender-bender, welded fenders can easily get damaged.

So, be sure to settle for a trailer with bolted fenders. This will ensure that your operations are safe and seamless.

Tire Replacement

Tire Replacement

Certain roll-off trailers are outfitted with hydraulic tongue jacks, which eliminate the use of traditional jacks.

This makes replacing a worn-out tire extremely simple. You don’t want to invest in a roll-off trailer whose tires are extremely difficult to change. Take your time to shop around for the right vehicle.

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The Bottom-Line

Roll-off trailers are a huge investment.  They can help you expand your waste-hauling business. Plus, they can significantly reduce your waste disposal costs. But not all trailers are the same. Keep the above considerations in mind as you compare different options.

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