Can a Mattress Topper Make a Bad Mattress Good?

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A mattress topper can be described as removable bedding that can be placed on top of your mattress to improve the comfort it offers. In case your mattress is too soft, a good mattress topper can offer support as well. It adds softness to the bed, without taking away the support of the mattress. Interestingly, a mattress pad is a thinner version of a mattress topper. While considering a mattress topper vs mattress pad, the mattress topper always comes out on top as it offers more comfort and support comparatively.

Until a couple of years ago, mattress toppers were often similar to thin feather beds and did not offer any support. However, today most mattress toppers are made from memory foam which has the ability to adjust to the sleeping position your body prefers. With memory foam being more durable and comfortable, it has become an obvious choice for mattress toppers. Additionally, memory foam mattress toppers are also hypoallergenic.

Experts in the industry recommend getting a mattress topper for your bed if you want to improve the quality of your sleep. In fact, by using a mattress topper, it is possible to continue using a bad mattress for an extended period of time. Interestingly, some people invest in low budget mattresses and invest in a mattress topper to get more comfort and support. Depending on the depth and firmness of the mattress topper, the prices also vary.

Factors To Consider In A Mattress Topper For A Bad Mattress:

Sleeping Position:

It is essential to consider whether you sleep on your stomach, on your side, on your back, or if you are a combination sleeper. By pinpointing the type of sleeper you are, it makes it easier to pick out a mattress topper.


In case you are a heavy person, you will need mattress toppers that have more depth to support your entire body. If the mattress topper is not dense enough, it might start to sag int eh middle over time.

The Firmness of Present Mattress:

As the mattress topper is usually placed on top of the mattress, it is necessary to gauge the firmness of the mattress to determine whether to get a medium-firms, soft or firm mattress topper.

Pain Relief Offered By Mattress Topper:

If your present mattress does not offer you relief from existing neck, joint or back pain, it is time to invest in a thick mattress topper.


Mattress Toppers come in a wide range of prices depending on the depth, comfort, and support they offer. It is essential to look at your personal preferences and budget before deciding.

Body Heat:

Since memory foam and latex mattress toppers tend to retain more body heat, it is not appropriate for people who tend to feel warmer very quickly. In such cases, a feather or wool topper will do a better job as they retain heat during winter, yet alleviate heat during the hot months of summer.

Ease of Moving and Cleaning:

Mattress toppers that offer more depth tend to be heavier and more difficult to move. So it might be a difficult task to move or clean it in the future. Feather and down mattress toppers have been observed to be the most difficult to clean.


The standard warranty period for mattress toppers tends to be 2 years. It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a topper before you invest in one.

From the information above, it is clear how to use a mattress topper, and how a mattress topper can easily convert a bad mattress into one that offers support to your body while you sleep.

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