October 3 Became The Mean Girls Day And How? Celebrate Mean Girls Day!

Newsby sagnika sinha03 October 2023

October 3 Became The Mean Girls Day And How_ Celebrate Mean Girls Day!

It all started when Aaron Samuels asked what day it was! Mean Girls’ smitten fans worldwide celebrate October 3rd as an iconic day when Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron about the date, and she said, “It’s October 3rd.”

It is one of the most iconic and popular moments of 5 seconds, including the date, leading to memes and pop culture animation that has influenced people from 2010 until today! Even in the “Mean Girls on Broadway,” the movie musical, the iconic moment returns.

In the song “Stupid With Love (Reprise),” Aaron asks the date again, to which Cady replies that it is October 3rd, her new favorite day. Officially, this day is no holiday, but fans enjoy it on their account!

Many cast celebrities have shared the memes and the posters of this scene and the moment on social media platforms such as X, previously known as Twitter and Instagram.

Further, the memes have made people laugh and brought on the actors starring in the movie to come together for some good cause over the years. In 2019, actors Jonathan Bennett, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, Lizzy Caplan, Franzese, and Lindsay Lohan teamed up for projects.

They raised money with the hashtag #MeanGirlsDoGood for projects in Uganda concerning clean water issues. Annually, fans celebrate the movie and its moments by wearing pink, posting their favorite quotes on social media, and re-watching it.

If you are a plastic fan, AKA mean girls, you can celebrate their style by wearing something pink; it is Regina George’s favorite color! You can listen to the “Mean Girls” soundtrack, including hits from Blondie, P!nk, Peaches, and Kelis.

You can also re-watch the movie, which is available on Netflix. Furthermore, if you are more adventurous, start preparing for Halloween. Of-course, you have to get inspired by the class cat look of Gretchen, the Playboy Bunny look of Regina, or the Mouse costume of Karen’s!

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