What Should You Check When Finding Ceramic Coating Services in Sydney?

Automotiveby Mashum Mollah31 March 2021

Ceramic Coating Services in Sydney

Your vehicle is exposed to the gas, dust, bugs, ultraviolet rays, and debris, which causes the paint to lose its shine. According to recent climate data, the UV index in Sydney is pretty high (around 7) on most days. It means your car is exposed to harmful UV radiation every day, and your new car will look dull within a few months. Luckily there is a way to protect it – ceramic coating.

There are several ceramic coating services in Sydney that can apply ceramic coating to your car and protect your car’s paint job. However, not every ceramic coating service is the same, and you should be careful when selecting the service provider. To make things easy for you, here is the list of things you should check when finding ceramic coating services in your city.

Free Quote:

According to the latest car ownership data, 12% of Sydney’s households own two or more cars. If you belong to the same category, you would like all your vehicles to have a ceramic coating. Cost is an essential factor when selecting any car service.

Most ceramic coating services in Sydney offer you a free quote. All you have to do is visit their website, enter details like Name, phone number, email, vehicle make/model, vehicle year, vehicle color required, and service required. The service provider will contact you with a quote, and you can use the information to compare with other service providers.

Flexible Ceramic Coating Packages:

Flexible Ceramic Coating Packages

According to 2020 car sales data, 916,968 new vehicles were sold in Australia. Most ceramic coating services offer flexible car protection packages with varied pricing. For example, the lower-tier protection package offers one ceramic coating, while the premium protection packages offer two layers of ceramic coating and a lifetime warranty.

Most new cars can purchase any car protection packages as per needs and budget. It will help if you look for a ceramic coating service provider that offers flexible packages and gives you more options.

Insurance Coverage:

According to the latest NSW accident data, there have been more than 21 accidents in 2021. When your car meets an accident, it suffers physical damage. You are required to send your car to the paint shop for restoration. If your car has suffered physical damage, you are more likely to send it for reapplication of ceramic coating.

Leading ceramic coating service providers offer insurance coverage for ceramic coating. Most insurers include ceramic coating as an after-market accessory which is considered under motor insurance. If your vehicle suffers damage, the insurance company will cover all repair costs, including reapplication of ceramic coating, with no cost to you.

Well-Equipped Workshop:

A well-equipped workshop is a crucial element in high-quality service. The facility should have essential tools like cleaning kits, sandblasting spray guns, and other tools needed for a refined finish. The leading ceramic coating workshops use high-quality products and good quality tools for a ceramic coating to deliver optimal shine and finish.

Trained Applicators:

Applying ceramic coating is a work of a professional. The process is complicated, and professionals have to pre-treat the car’s paint surface before applying the ceramic coating. The ceramic coating service providers have trained applicants who have received proper training in using these products to deliver the best results.

SGS Certification:

SGS is a world-leading verification, testing, inspection, and certification company. An SGS certification means the systems, processes, and products used by the ceramic coating service provider are compliant with national and international standards.

When you choose an SGS certified ceramic coating service provider, you can rest assured the company uses high-quality products and follows standard processes to deliver optimal work quality.


Though Sydney’s air quality is healthy by global standards, it has many air pollutants throughout the year that can cause damage to the paint. For example, the 2019 air quality report suggests Sydney’s annual average of PM2.5 concentration was 10.1 μg/m3 higher than the WHO or Australian limit.

Look for service providers offering manufacturers Lifetime warranty. Service providers that use reputed products offer a lifetime warranty on the coating covering environmental fall damage like bug splatter, tree sap, bird droppings, and few other damages.


Reviews tell you a lot about the ceramic coating service providers, professionalism, and work quality.  It would help if you looked at reviews of the service provider before selecting one. Don’t get carried away by the reviews mentioned on the website. Check the reviews on the Google My Business page to know more about their business.

To sum up, these are some of the crucial factors you need to focus on when choosing ceramic coating services in Sydney.

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