How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Underwear

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Men’s Underwear

Choosing the right pair of underwear can make the difference between spending your day in comfort or spending every waking moment in complete awareness of the current position of your underwear. When you’re trying to focus on work, deep in your workout routine or you’re just dressing to impress on a date, the last thing you want to be thinking about is how to discreetly deal with bunched-up underwear.

For many men, we simply stick with the same underwear we’ve worn for years (thankfully not the same pair) – but is that really the best way to go? Are you really a briefs man, or would you be much more comfortable in a pair of boxers?

Hopefully, we’ll be able to help you answer some of those questions, with our handy guide to help you choose the perfect pair of men’s underwear.

Here is a guide to Choose the Perfect Men’s Underwear:



First things first – the style and cut of your underwear can make the biggest difference in how they feel to wear. So, what are the most common options?


The basic pants! Briefs are the OG of underwear for a lot of men, but they have a lot more flexibility as an adult than you may remember from your childhood. Briefs give you a lot of freedom in their coverage, so if you have larger thighs, prefer extra support, or just like the feel of less material, then they can be the way to go.

You can forget any prejudice you might have of ungainly tighty-whities too – designer briefs come in far more stylish cuts and designs than your childhood underwear, so you can look good while feeling comfortable.


The polar opposite of briefs, boxers offer very little support but are generally looser and breathable. Boxers are also typically best suited to low-mobility wear, as they do tend to bunch up when you’re exercising and moving around a lot.

Boxer Briefs

The best of both worlds – boxer briefs offer the support given by briefs while covering a larger amount of flesh. Great for general wear and use, boxer briefs strike a good balance between comfort and wearability – however, it is important that you find the right size for you, as too much material will bunch up like boxers, while too little will leave you feeling constricted.


Now you’ve settled on a cut, what about the material your underwear is made from?



Perhaps the most common material used in men’s underwear, cotton is breathable, absorbent, and easily washable. There are softer materials out there but cotton really ticks all the boxes when you’re looking at general wear.

The quality of cotton can vary quite dramatically, depending on the blend that has been used, so it is always best to ensure that you choose boxers that are using high-quality cotton.


A more classical material for underwear, linen is used less often these days, but still offers the same benefits. Linen is a robust material that is rougher than cotton, but far more durable. Linen is a great choice for material if you’re looking for underwear that will survive long periods of wear comfortably, for example, if you’re going on a road trip.


The latest in underwear technology, microfibres cover a wide range of different manmade materials that are very fine and soft. There are lots of different microfibres in use, with many different underwear manufacturers producing their own particular blend.

Microfibre is generally much softer than other underwear materials and can also be more resilient when it comes to care, with less wear and fading than other materials.

Due to the variety of different microfibres out there, you can also find particular blends to suit your purposes, such as cooling blends for exercise or thermal blends to keep you warm on a cold day.



The final step in choosing the perfect pair of underwear is no less important than the others since the design and appearance of your underwear can shape your entire perspective.

Underwear is perhaps unique in fashion in that it is an item of clothing that is not often on show but can have a massive impact when seen. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing the design of your underwear is to find a look that you are comfortable in and wouldn’t mind being unexpectedly caught in!

However, underwear can also be a great way to express yourself when you know that it’s not going to be seen. Wearing a pair of quirky underwear can help you to feel a little more you when you’re suited and booted at work or stuck doing something mundane. Never feel scared to experiment a little or to pick up some underwear with a design that is a bit more out there.

So, the next time you find yourself needing a new pair of underwear, resist picking up the same old style you’ve been wearing for years. Have a think about the cut, material, and design and you may just find yourself a new favorite.

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