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Mapping Software

Commercial real estate is an industry where making the right property investments matters.

Therefore, adequate decision-making ability is required to ensure the right location is selected and a return on investment (ROI) is possible.

The decision, which otherwise would be complex, can be greatly simplified with the right data and accompanying location mapping software.

Below software seekers will find a shortlist of some of the most popular choices to guide your decision-making process.

List Of 5 Best Mapping Software for Commercial Real Estate:

List Of 5 Best Mapping Software for Commercial Real Estate:

1. Maptive

Maptive is a powerful mapping tool enabling users to create data visualizations to accelerate decision-making. It allows users to plot location data on an interactive map and compare it to comparative properties through a connection to Google Places Data.

Tapping into Google functionality, users can customize their map with tools for demographics, territories, and drawing tools to graphically modify existing maps.

These tools enable commercial real estate agents to access presentation-ready maps to support clients in finding their dream property and provide sales support for internal employees. The Maptive team has since reported that over 106,548 brokerage firms are using their tools in the United States alone.

Other notable features Maptive offers include Pin Maps, an offering born out of the need for brokers to manage hundreds or thousands of properties at a given time.

As a result, brokers can now use Maptive’s commercial real estate mapping software to gain a quick visual representation of their properties so they can focus on the most relevant ones to their clients.

2. Mapme

Mapme is another easy-to-use map builder for commercial real estate professionals. The tool enables brokers to build interactive maps of their property listings and development projects. Inherent functionality also exists to add photos, videos, PDF and 360 tours, and calls to action directly on the map.

Other common use cases for Mapme include research map creation, which can help potential clients make better business decisions in alignment with a larger real estate strategy, and a community map for displaying amenities around a property for sale. For this reason, Mapme has become a popular choice for property developers, city authorities, and brokerage firms.

3. Maptitude

Maptitude has become known as a real estate mapping software that can empower property professionals and real estate agents with the tools for quantifying differences in sites.

Users can tap into the demographic data relevant to evaluating sites, analyzing competitors’ locations, identifying market potential, and comparing sites based on proximity to commercial buildings, public facilities, and retail stores.

Alternatively, for businesses looking for a new physical location, users can evaluate different locations based on their proximity to their customers or employees. Maptitude becomes a tool to help weigh the best locations, using filters such as seniority, driving time, staff characteristics, and distance rings.

4. MapRight

MapRight provides users with the power to explore parcel data, manage their properties, and build entire databases while simultaneously creating mailing lists and analyzing comparable sales. MapRight further enables users with a mobile app, allowing users to take maps wherever they go.

MapRight has also designed its tool to serve more complex use cases, with a basis on eight different GIS base layers and two dozen MapRight layers, complete with styling and customization options.

The result is that MapRight maps can be as simple or complex as required. As a result, platform users have already created over 500,000 maps for various real estate use cases.

5. CoStar Go LoopNet

A final commercial realtor favorite is CoStar Go, which provides significant functionality as a mapping tool for the iPad. CoStar Go’s LoopNet application enables users to tap into listings for for-purchase and for-lease spaces, providing access to the CoStar database. It is worth noting that the app is free to use, although users will need to have pre-existing access to the CoStar Suite of data services.

Finding the Best Program for You

These programs are only some of the ones available. Therefore, before selecting, users are encouraged to compare available offerings to see which offers the features best for what their team hopes to accomplish. Additionally, it is worth noting the reviews of fellow commercial investment real estate professionals are often the best indicator for the best tools to use.

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