16 Cool Promotional Items to Help You Advertise Your Small Business

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cool promotional items

To grow your business you need to increase brand recognition. You have a $20.81 billion dollar industry of promotional products to help you do just that.

Pick promotional items that will be unique and stand out from the crowd. For staying power choose items that will be useful and people will want to use long term.

These are the best cool promotional items out there for creativity functionality to help you increase brand recognition.

1. Copper Vacuum Tumbler with Cork:

Copper and cork are two popular materials right now for retail items. This tumbler is perfectly on-trend making it a cool promotional item people are sure to want.

More info on copper and cork tumblers.

2. Lip Moisturizer Ball:

These stylish lip moisturizer balls are great for marketing events, tradeshows, or on location at a gym or spa. The vanilla flavor will be pleasing to your customers.

More info on lip moisturizer balls.

3. Native Wooden Bluetooth Speaker:

A Bluetooth speaker is a high-demand item and this one has a touch of style with its hardwood case. This one offers 3-watt channels, built-in music control, and a USB charging cable.

More info on wood bluetooth speakers.

4. Mobile Device Pocket:

This pocket is removable thanks to a non-residue polyurethane adhesive back. It doubles as a wallet for cell phones or other mobile devices. These items are small, portable, and great for mass distribution.

More info on removable cell phone pockets.

5. Branded Writing Pens:

Like pencils, most businesses can also benefit from personalized pens. Simple but sometimes elegant, custom branded pens can go quite a long way, literally. They have an excellent lifespan, which in turn acts as a constant reminder of the brand and its origin. Variety can range from ballpoint to fountain, all the way to styluses, markers, and more. Quality Logo Products is a great option for brands interested in going this route. Visit their site to explore options and take brand awareness to the next level.

6. 12 Natural Wood Case Colored Pencils:

Later in the list, we mention the adult coloring book, these are the colored pencils you need. This set comes in twelve colors and prominently features your logo on the box. Pair them with a viral campaign where people can post pictures of their drawings.

More info on colored pencils.

7. SoulKix Custom Shoes:

These are not cost-effective on a mass giveaway level. If you have a core group of high-valued clients these custom shoes are at the top of the list of cool promotional items. These shoes would also work well as part of a guerilla marketing campaign.

More info on custom soulkixs.

8. Chalkboard Flight Crate:

This trendy chalkboard flight holds 4 five-ounce beer tasting glasses. One side features your logo while the other has chalkboard paint for labeling the beer.

More info on Chalkboard flights.

9. Car Vent Mobile Stands:

Cool promotional items that are technology-related can be tough with so many different brands and generations of phones. This mobile phone stand is spring-loaded to adapt to fit almost all phones, even in their cases.

The backside of this stand hooks onto your car air vent. No more dropping your phone in your lap or cupholder. This item is sure to stick around for your customer to see every time they get in their car.

More info on car cell phone holders.

10. ETL Wall Charger:

No one can have enough chargers for their devices. This wall charger is sure to stick around as it turns a single wall plug into two plugs and two USB ports.

This is a great item if you are going to a trade show out of town as someone will always forget their wall charger. This item is also great to ensure staying power as it fulfills a need we all have.

More info on wall chargers.

11. Lanyards:

When it comes to hosting an event, having branded lanyards can be a great way to keep your company top of mind among attendees. And if you’re wondering which type of lanyard to purchase, wrist lanyards are the best option, considering 4inlanyards are definitely worth the price.

So whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or simply enhance the overall event experience, branded lanyards can be a great choice for your next event.

12. Stealth Cooler:

Haven’t we all wanted to sneak a few drinks into an event? This stealth cooler will allow soda or beer to be brought almost anywhere under the guise of just carrying a bag.

We chose this one as one of the best cool promotional items as it holds nine cans or two wine bottles. The bag is fully insulated and has a heat-sealed liner.

More info on the stealth cooler.

13. Aromatherapy Candle:

If you are in a business such as real estate or wellness an aromatherapy candle might be the perfect promo item. The candles come in a range of scents such as grapefruit, vanilla, sandalwood, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

A branded candle that smells great will be kept around for the time it takes to burn the candle. This gives your brand staying power while your customer enjoys the candle.

More info on aromatherapy candles.

14. Doodle Color Therapy Notebook:

Adult coloring books have become a huge trend lately and this one brings the fad to your customers. The adult coloring book is a stress and anxiety reducer.

There are forty sheets of paper in this notebook with coloring pages and lined paper for notes. Give it out paired with the wooden colored pencils as a set.

More info on adult coloring books.

15. infidelity true wireless Bluetooth Earbuds:

With the iPhone now no longer having the standard headset jack wireless earbuds are becoming more and more popular. These earbuds are truly wireless by not having any cord connecting them to each other.

Your logo will be front and center on the case. The case also doubles as the charging station ensuring that it isn’t thrown away as packaging.

More info on bluetooth earbuds.

16. Iced Pear Hand Sanitizer:

If you are headed to a networking event this is the item you need to bring. The iced pear scent smells better than standard hand sanitizer.

AT 65% ethanol it will be effective in keeping you safe from viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Your customers will positively think of you every time they go to keep their hands clean.

More info on hand sanitizer.

Which Cool Promotional Items Will You Buy?

The best promotional items are the ones that will make your customers and clients think of you in the future. We’ve chosen items that fulfill a need that will increase the likelihood of them sticking around.

Choose an item that fits the style and brand of your company. To make your investment count your promotional items need to make sense. If you need an influx of cash to start your investment, there are alternative loan options or online personal loans that can help.

Now that you have your give-away items, make sure you have an awesome exhibition booth to hand them out in.

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