5 Ways Covid-19 is Affecting Nursing Students

Educationby Mashum Mollah31 July 2020

Nursing Students

The emergence of Covid-19 has affected the majority of people’s lives. As well as inviting constant fear and worry in our minds, Covid-19 has managed to change our routines overnight. The disruption the pandemic has brought into our lives has been overwhelming for many of us, and for nursing students, there is no exception. There has been an increase in the importance of infection control protocols for nursing students as well as increased pressure, stress, and anxiety. Nursing students have had to adapt their ways, alongside the generated concern about what to expect from the future. This has not been easy, which you can see from the following.

Here are 5 Ways Covid-19 is Affecting Nursing Students:

1. New Rules

Like many of us, student nurses have had to adapt to new rules in the hospital. Due to the nature of the work, if these rules aren’t followed correctly, then hundreds of lives would be put at risk. The importance of infection control protocols for nursing students is one of the first lessons they will learn before working with patients, so they will need to follow and adapt original rules to suit the situation.

2. Increased Pressure

It is completely natural for student nurses to feel the pressure during this time, especially with the levels of uncertainty caused by the pandemic. As you can imagine, as well as a stressful and pressurized working environment, nursing students will be putting themselves at risk during their work placement and will be thrown into the deep end, while trying to gather the strength to study for and take exams.

3. Mental Health Impact

Covid-19 has had an extremely negative effect on the world’s mental health, and there is no exception for nursing students. When studying to become a nurse, it can be hard to look after your physical and emotional health, because you are so focused on helping other people. However, everyone is just as important, so if you are a student nurse, remember that looking after yourself is vital during this time.

4. More Stress

Many student nurses are feeling the stress during these uncertain times and will be feeling very overwhelmed. It is important that student nurses remember that it is completely normal to feel this way, whether there is a pandemic or not, and it does not reflect your capability or resilience as a nurse. Managing stress and staying connected with close family and friends should be a priority.

5. Changed Learning Style

Adapting your learning style doesn’t sound like a major deal, but when you are having to deal with the pressure, stress, and new rules in the hospital, having to change your learning style can feel like the final straw. When studying from home, you need to find time to take breaks from your computer. You should also create a timetable to help you maintain some kind of daily routine and look after yourself.

Student nurses are vital for the future and the public needs to find ways to support them. If you are a student nurse and you are struggling with the above, make sure you stay connected with loved ones, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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