How to Create a Successful LinkedIn Strategy

LinkedInby Mashum Mollah25 November 2020

LinkedIn Strategy

Creating a successful LinkedIn strategy requires much more than just churning out content left and right without any thought behind it. Similarly, utilizing paid promotions on irrelevant content will only bring in an unrelated audience.

The first step in creating a successful LinkedIn strategy is defining individual, business, or corporate goals. Once a plan is defined, creating a killer strategy becomes a relatively straightforward task.

Following is a list of steps to follow, in order, to create a marketing strategy with the potential to move an entity towards their goal:

1.  Study Your Competition

Studying the competition is essential. It can give ideas for marketing LinkedIn strategies and allows you to gain a tactical advantage.

All organizations and companies are running different ads, in different locations simultaneously. To study those ads the best method is to use a VPN. “What is a VPN?” you ask? A VPN is what you need to see those ads targeted at different locations. VPN allows you to virtually change the locations of your internet connection.

2.  Know Your Demographic

Depending on your goal, your targeted demographics might be a certain individual, a certain city, a certain country, or even the entire globe.

LinkedIn, or any other major platform, allows you to define your targeted demographics based on a lot of factors such as their pay scale, interest, industry, and so on. These options are available with paid promotions.

3.  Work on a Content Calendar

Content Calendar

A content calendar refers to the scheduled posts for a certain time or a specific event. Creating a content calendar allows you to take a broader view of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

It is beneficial to plan posts. Planning in advance helps in sourcing required images, writing excellent content to go with the post, and overall to prepare the entirety of content brilliantly. Achieving the defined marketing goals becomes easier and attainable by following a content calendar.

4.  Work on Content Quality

Now, the article will dive deeper into the kind of content and the level of quality required to make the LinkedIn marketing strategy successful. This article will take a look at the five major factors that increase the quality of content if applied appropriately.

  • Use Rich Media:

    It is downright foolish to use only text in a LinkedIn post. Enrich the content by adding pictures, videos, and links in your post. Tag professionals or appropriate businesses. It will not only enrich the post but also increase the reach of the post.

  • Optimize for Reach and Impact:

    Content targeted towards a specific audience tends to have a greater reach in the right audience and makes a greater impact. Share the LinkedIn post on other platforms, send the post as a personal message to your colleagues, employee, or anyone who seems interested.

  • Choose the Right Time To Post:

Figuring out the right time post is the key to engagement. It would be extremely inappropriate to post about Christmas in the middle of June. Choosing the right time for the right post is as important as posting content itself.

Time plays an essential role. Even the time of the day at which the post is published makes a big difference. Independently carried out research suggests that the best times to publish a post are at 7:45, 10:45, 12:45 EST in the morning and 5:45 in the afternoon.

  • Go Live:

    Find a reason to go live. Going live is the one thing that is even more engaging than a rich post. Once again, individual researchers have found that live video scores 24 times more in terms of engagement from the audience.

  • Study LinkedIn Analytics:

    The final step to take to increase the quality of your content is to use LinkedIn analytics. Using LinkedIn analytics is a simple task to figure out what your audience likes and what they don’t. It is easy to measure the engagement of your audience on your posts. Learning from the posts that initiated the most engagement, you can move forward with similar content in the future.

Follow these simple steps, and you will notice how your LinkedIn engagement is improving. It’s a very important social media channel, so don’t forget to use it for your company’s benefit.

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