Tech Is Advancing Rapidly – What Features Are Customers Growing To Expect?

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Technology has, for the last century at least, always advanced at pace, but have you noticed recently that indeed sci-fi developments are being made a reality?

Scroll through your news feed, and you’re likely to see everything from parkouring robots to flying cars, with tech getting bigger, better, and faster than ever. So can you use tech to increase the customers and experiences?

All these advancements are naturally being accompanied by a change in customer expectations, with businesses now required to put more into their products and services before purchasers feel their basic needs are being met.

In the noughties, this meant miniaturization and internet connectivity. Teens, streaming, and app support. But what about today?

5 Tech Advancements Which Are Impacting On Consumer’s Impressions

Consumer’s Impressions

If you want to improve your customer’s numbers. Then these five are the best tips which you can apply. This is 2022. Every new customer is in search of the best facilities. Sometimes the better facilities and the customer care services are both going to be your trump cards.

Tech advancements are the mechanism that makes your whole work easy—and helps to increase your customer base. For every business, satisfied customers are like an asset.

Here are the few tech advancements which are improving your customer’s impressions.

1. Rapid Charging Facilities

With the introduction of fast charging USB technologies like the USB-C standard, consumers expect the time it takes to recharge devices and transfer data to and from them to be extremely quick.

Legal changes are also driving these right customers’ needs. The EU will require the ultra-fast USB-C cable to be used in all new devices from 2026 as standard, so it’s certain this trend will continue.

As such, if battery-powered products lack this charging or service is sluggish, the drawbacks of products and services will be all the more apparent to customers.

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2. Importing The 5G Functionality

5G mobile data technology is currently being rolled out across the world, with the potential to offer download and browsing speeds between ten and 20 times faster than 4G networks, according to the BBC. Customers need a faster response and a fast-running system. That is the main reason your customer will go to prefer fast systems.

People want to stream faster, at a higher quality, and stay consistently connected, so as the merits of this technology become more well-known and the unprecedented misinformation surrounding the rollout of 5G fades, customers will start calling for 5G in droves.

3. Improved Shopping Experiences

From seeing how glasses look without being in the store to a 3D rendering of furniture in your home, many businesses are now leveraging augmented and virtual reality to boost the shopping experience. 

Even now, combining different products is very popular. For example, the clothes stores are often offering the whole look. And they feature the consumer’s experiences. So you can apply these tricks to increase your customer’s overall experience.

Matching the increase in online shopping we saw during the pandemic, many of us have enjoyed just how convenient these virtual experiences have been, so it’s certain we’ll see more businesses providing them going forward.

4. Better Batteries

With more customers and people working remotely and staying in contact via their mobile devices and laptop technology, people want their tech to last longer than before. 

In the US, a 2019 survey of smartphone users by SurveyMonkey cited in SCMP found that battery life was the most crucial motivation for people looking for a new phone – in fronts of features like foldable screens and multiple camera lenses.

What do you look for as a base feature in your tech that you would have previously seen as a high and mighty addition? Let us know in the comments below.

5. Always Give The Instant Reply For The Queries Through Chatbot 

Yes, you have to understand when your consumers are asking for your help. That means they really need your help. Some of the issues require instant interference.

These are the main reasons if some companies do not give the positions reply they often lose many customers. Late reply is a horrible practice for any business. 

Now the technical advancements are here to handle these types of issues. How? Introduce a chatbot for improving the replay ratios.

Even if you are having consumers who are coming from the different segments of the demographic locations, the multi laughing chatbots are the best solutions. Spontaneous replay is improving the image of the business.


These five tips and the technical advancements will always increase your customer’s impressions. And customers are coming through a chain process.

One satisfied customer can bring more than four customers for the purchase. So every customer matters. If you are already applying these tips, let us know your customer dealing experiences through the comment sections.

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