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difference between a journal and a diary

The main difference between a journal and a diary is; a diary must always be called a journal. Hence the journal is not necessarily can always be referred to as the diary. This is the most striking difference between a journal and a diary. 

This is why when someone is referencing a diary as a journal, that is the correct term. But when you are asking about the journal, the journey can have different purposes. And each of the journey writing purposes can be various. So for better knowledge about the difference between a journal and a diary. You have to start with the definitions of the diary and the journals. And the functionalities are deliberating, making the difference between them.

When you are planning to write down your diary or the journal. This contrast between a journal and a diary is going to be a great help. As the difference of the functionalities and the writing patterns are making the differences.

So let’s start with the definitions of the diary.

What Is A Diary? What Is The Diary Writing Pattern?

What Is A Diary

Diary is a log or journal where the writer is writing down his daily activities. Diary is recording the personal experiences of the writers. The writing patterns and more like an informal type. The writing types and what types of information are going to share in the diary is entirely dependent upon the writer’s opinions.

For example, you may have heard about Anna Frank’s diary. The journal is holding the records of her day-to-day activities. But most people do not refer to it as her journal. Instead, most people are referring to Anna Frank’s journal as the diary. In the journal, she is recording her day-to-day activities as the diary is about her personal experiences.

What Is A Journal?

What Is A Journal

The difference between a diary and a journal is more easily understandable when you are going to see how the journal is written. Journals contain more data than the diary. So when you are writing a diary where you are writing down your daily confronting data, you can call it a journal. 

Hence the difference between a journal and a diary is that the writer can share his/her personal opinion. But in the journal, the writer is recording the data and the information, which are part of the materialistic world. Then what is a planner? Often people are mistaking the planner for the journal. For a better understanding, take a look at the definition of the planner.

What Is a Planner?

What Is a Planner

The difference between a journal and a diary is closely associated with planners. Both in the diary and the journal, the writer is recording the data and the information which he /she is already being confronted with. But the planner is different. The writer is recording the ideas and the future target. 

In the planner, the writer is recording the future plans. So the right difference between the planner and the journal is that you know the journal’s information is all the incidents and the data. But in the planner, the writer is recording his /her plannings. So it may or may not happen.

Bullet Journal vs. Planner

Bullet Journal vs. Planner

If you are in the industry, you often hear the term bullet journal. But do you know what is called a bullet journal? Why is this different from the regular journal? When you ask for the options to record your daily activities or the planning, these two are the major options you will get.

The bullet journal and the planner both are quite robust to perform the task. But a little difference is making the bullet journal vs planner for different purposes. When you are curious to know about the difference between a journal and a diary, the planner and the bullet journals are more like working in the same manner.

In the bullet journal, you can describe your work process, and especially you can write it down in a more elaborate order for better understanding. But in the planner, not the explanations. A small summary of your plans is recorded there.

Journal vs Diary

The types of records which are stored in the journal and the diary is making the difference between a journal and a diary. As we already told you before, the journal and the diary fulfill different purposes. As the journal is keeping only the records and holding data of the writers. And a diary is not only about maintaining the data and the records. The diary is preserving the languages and the feelings of the writers.

As we can say, the diary is a more personal type of record storing process. And the journals are keeping the records and the data safe. This is the reason most google searches are using the term Anna Frank’s Diary in search engines.

Because in Anna Frank’s diary, the writer writes down her daily routines and personal opinions and shares her own opinion about various subjects. If there was a journal, only the writer would keep the records of the incidents with the data.

The difference between a journal and a diary is closer to the heart, and the journal stores the materialistic data. Now you are already aware of the differences between journal vs diary and how to use these two for your different purposes.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know why there are differences between a journal and a diary. And why every diary is a journal but not necessarily every journal is going to be a diary. But for storing the records, both are quite evident. But when you are planning to keep the journal and the planner to store the records.

Better use the bullet journal as in the bullet journal; you can summarize your future works and make better use of it. So which one are you going to use? Do not forget to share your experiences in the comment sections.

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