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CAPM Certification

Certified Associate in Project Management or CAPM is a credential which is offered by the Project Management Institute or PMI. Certified Associate in Project Management is a certificate for en entry level for the practitioners of the project. It is a kind of certification that is specially prepared for those who are having less or a small amount of knowledge or experience in projects. The purpose behind CAPM training is to demonstrate the understanding level of a candidate about fundamental knowledge terminology and the processes of effective management of the project. On the basis of the PMI framework, CAPM is designed and this also follows all those standards which are mentioned in the guide of PMBOK( A Guide To The Project Management Body Of Knowledge). This exam is conducted to analyze a candidate’s various knowledge of project management areas and also process groups.

Benefits Of Certified Associate In Project Management-

Getting a CAPM certification can have many advantages to your career in various ways. Now let’s come and have a look at various benefits of CAPM Certification;

1. Help to become a confident project leader:

Help to become a confident project leader

CAPM Certification not only helps in acquired and boosting knowledge of Project Management Knowledge of a candidate but make leadership skills stronger and to lead in the workplace. As it is the entry-level certification for project management this helps in new upcoming project management to learn how to work and manage a team effectively in a different working environment.

2. Understand the Best Project Management Practices:

The guidelines of PMI PMBOK which has been provided through the CAPM Training make a professional get familiar with the best project management skills set practices. This also helps professionals to obtain necessary skills which are related to project management activities like planning, execution, monitoring, and controlling a project to get successful achievements.

3. Increases the prospects of salary:

There is no doubt that this certification help to make a candidate eligible for a strong leader and management credential with PMI standards but this also works as a bonus and even it also increases the salary up to 25%. Even those who are holding CAPM certification can demand a better and high salary than those who are not holding CAPM certification with them.

Tips To Clear The Exam-

As it is well known that CAPM is a field that makes a candidate become a strong leader but they must know those tips to qualify for the exam.

  • 1. Always prefer CAPM study materials which are PMBOK and CAPM which are handbooks for the preparation of examination as they are very strong study material. Always make sure that you are using the latest and recent edition of the reference books and always prefer to download from latest version from the website.
  • 2. Before starting the preparation for exams always prepare a timetable and give equal time to each and every subject. Always keep a watch with your side and keep checking your timetable so that you can easily analysis that what problem you are facing while studying and how much time you are devoting to each subject.
  • 3. Apart from learning and understand always have a habit of practicing test papers and sample papers of previous exams so that you can idea that what kind of questions you will be getting in your exam. Practicing sample papers also helps to increase the speed of your witting in exams.
  • 4. While practicing sample papers, going through prepared notes will automatically give you an idea that at exactly which areas are there where you are facing difficulties or you are weak at that area. After analyzing those week points, start working on those particular areas so that you don’t face any type of difficulties while waiting for the exam.

Jobs Offers For Future-

CAPM is a globally recognized certification so that why all the major companies around the world can easily recognize it. It increases the opportunities in the job market. Post or Tiles which are available for CAPM Certified candidates are;

– Sr. Project Manager

-Associate Project Manager

-Service Project Manager

-IT Project Coordinator

-Business Specialist

-Customer Service Supervisor

-Project Coordinator


The Knowledge and career perspective which a candidate will get is an advantage for any level of the project management profession. Just like other professions CAPM Certification also requires good preparation as you will be investing an amount in this to become a successful leader in the future.

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