5 Essential Things to Know Before Buying Buddha Statues

Religionby Mashum Mollah13 March 2021

Buddha Statues

In recent years, the online sales of Buddha statues have reached an all-time high. Some people buy them purely for decoration, while others want these statues to strengthen their home’s Feng Shui or construct a relaxing meditation space. But before you buy one, it’s always good to keep an open mind and do a little research. Here are a few essential things to know before you make a decision.

1. Different Types of Budha with Different Meanings:

Gautama Buddha:

Gautama Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha is the most famous traditional Buddha. He’s the one who abandoned his royal life to attain enlightenment. Historically, it was he who was the first to reach nirvana at the root of Buddhism. He is dressed like a monk, despite his monarchical rank that one can see in certain features of his face.

Maitreya Buddha:

Maitreya Buddha

Because of his merriment and happy life, he is known as the Laughing Buddha. It is often “padded” in comparison to the other depictions. It’s also one of the most well-known in Western countries. The Laughing Buddha is said to be a rich and caring man who enjoys feeding children. As a result, it’s popular in Chinese restaurants and businesses. In the Asian community, this statue is regarded as a lucky charm.

Guanyin Buddha:

Guanyin Buddha

It is the Buddha of the Future, the one who places others ahead of himself. He is often seen on a lotus or dragon, bringing assistance and energy to those in need. He is a kind Samaritan who supports the wounded and consoles the bereaved.

Amitabha Buddha:

Amitabha Buddha

It is among the most spiritual embodiments of the Buddha. His existence is a source of optimism. He guards and consoles others who are unlucky. This statue can be used to build a very Zen and mystical atmosphere. These Buddha statues in a holy location create an aura of enlightenment.

2. Choose the Right Location:

Whether you buy it for decoration or to get the spiritual benefits, it is essential to place a Buddha statue in the right place. If you choose a Buddha for decoration, make sure to bring the feeling of wholeness to your surroundings.

Besides this Asian imprint in your interior arrangement, a statue of Buddha radiates spiritually in space. Therefore, the placement should be strategic, most often at a height or in a place specially designed, most often on the chest of drawers, the cupboard, or a shelf. The modern Buddha can be linked to yoga and Feng Shui.

3. Choose Your Buddha According To Posture:

The Seated Buddha:

The Seated Buddha

It is the most classic pose of the representations of Buddha, especially in modern Buddhism. The position of his hands, or Mudra, can vary and have precise meanings in Buddhism.

  • When he is “awake”, his right hand is in contact with the earth.
  • When he meditates, his two hands overlap between his thighs.
  • When he reassures, he raises his right hand in front of him.

The Standing Buddha:

The Standing Buddha

The standing pose of Buddha is more solemn and therefore needs more attention. While the standing Buddha statues replicate the same movements as the sitting Buddha, it has one of the most religious characteristics.

The Reclining Buddha:

Reclining Buddha

Since it does not look at you, the Buddha statue in the resting position is the only one you can place in a bedroom. Relaxation and letting go of worries, whether professional or personal, are encouraged by the Buddha figurine in this posture.

4. Choose the Right Material:

The Buddha statue is typically crafted from an unadorned and straightforward material. This illuminated icon can be represented in precious metals like gold or silver, wood, glass, or even other virtuous and artistic materials. If you want to buy a Buddha statue online, the following materials are the most popular:

  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Ceramic
  • Metal

5. Authenticity:

Nowadays, Buddha idols are mass-produced in the marketplace, raising doubts about their authenticity. If you’re trying to purchase an original antique or a genuinely exclusive Buddhist statue, don’t forget to check for its source.

Mistakes to Avoid:

The character of Buddha is historical, spiritual, universal, and respectable. Its place in your indoor or outdoor environment should not be trivial. Be aware that there are a few points to pay attention to once you have chosen your Buddha figurine:

  • Don’t place the statue or figurine on the ground, whether in the garden or indoors.
  • Don’t forget to clean the Buddha figurine.
  • Don’t put the statue in places considered dirty or unclean (kitchen, toilet, shower, and often the bedroom)
  • Don’t point the finger at the sacred figure.

To Sum Up:

Buying a Buddhist statue will help you achieve oneness and serve as a lesson to cultivate a healthy mindset. Buddha statues also hold a specific aesthetic and historical significance. If you’re searching for a Buddhist statue, whether modern or antique, always keep the above points in mind.

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