Oh, How I love Being a Woman! – Female Privilege or Just Courtesy?

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Female Privilege

What is female privilege? Do you have any idea regarding the way women receive preferences in social settings, workplaces, and personal events? In this blog, I would like to talk about my experiences and how they are part of the female identity.

There are some common arguments based on which female privilege can be justified! For example, we often claim that men are born with certain privileges or benefits, such as larger jurisdiction over their bodies, better pay, and career expectations.

This is mostly practiced on a wider scale; however, when it comes to women, the practices are restricted to their personal and domestic sphere. Women struggle to meet society’s expectations when it comes to certain aspects of life, such as motherhood, house management, and other family members.

For example, women are not the first prime suspect in something criminal! Do you think this is because of privilege or bias? Do I have pretty privilege? I will discuss the perceived female privileges and the expectations of chivalry and special treatment.

Oh, How I love Being a Woman! – Female Privilege or Just Courtesy?

Is female privilege real? If you are asking a question, either you are a male, or you are just ugly! Ouch…did that hurt? That is exactly how you feel when society establishes certain norms that support beauty and gorgeousness. You are privileged when you receive immunity or advantage based on a specific characteristic.

But do you think both men and women are inherently born with these privileges? Or is it more societal norms and practices that establish them in a certain way where they develop expectations? As a woman, I have been deemed incapable of violence, but what is the guarantee of that? 

When it comes to specific aspects of society, such as educational statistics, legal structures, and social norms, women do get preference, but do we call this privilege? So, how does this privilege influence your life and the decisions you make? Societal norms dictate men’s behavior and women’s, clearly a practice of social privilege

Giving flowers or jewelry to a woman is something a man should do! For example, he might not even want to do those things, but society, inclusive of family and friends, pressures a man to do these things. Then they go ahead and address it as chivalry!

Perceived Female Privileges

As women, we receive several benefits regarding perceived female privileges. Let me talk about the benefits related to the domestic and private spheres so that you can understand and develop awareness of them. For example, women are often rarely conceived as predators when children are concerned.

When going out on a date or buying something when out with your partner, women are expected not to worry about the payment! But is it okay? As a woman, it is quite embarrassing for me when a man pays for my food, especially if I am on the first few dates because he is practically a stranger.

However, society has created an environment where women are educated about expecting men to behave a certain way, which at times can be seen as manipulative! This kind of behavior can encourage women to take advantage of men socially, financially, mentally, and physically.

Societal norms might turn females into opportunities, and they expect men to provide for them. A woman is not even expected to be the primary earning member of the family, and this originates from societal norms, which create pressure on men to provide for women.

Chivalry and Expectations

Let us discuss the practice of chivalry and how it has been ingrained in our lives through storybooks, movies, advertisements, and social media. However, it can be harmful, but do you know how? I will enlighten you about how girls are influenced to think in a certain way from a young age!

The definition of chivalry describes a medieval knightly system based on social, moral, and religious codes. Is implementing this code even today a way of justifying how men should behave on these grounds? This becomes a smoother experience when there is white privilege for men, they expect everything to happen according to them! 

We are putting pressure on men to treat a woman a certain way even when they don’t know what to do. Even when there is universal agreement, it is important to understand the relative advantage and the unearned opportunity that might be highlighted as a taken-for-granted act!

The practices of perceived privilege by women can turn harmful! Men can take advantage of women or use them because they expect something in return. Some men have expectations that can vary from physical to psychological needs when they take you out on a date!

They can expect a lot from you in return for feeding you. These expectations can be harmful if you are unprepared or do not expect the same response. So, female privilege induces the disintegration of institutionalized but invisible power.

Emotional Expression

When I talk about female privilege, I would like to raise awareness regarding how it influences both men and women to behave a certain way. When women receive preferences because of their gender, it induces an imbalance in power. Let me compare how men and women are allowed to express emotions!  

This is what I mean by gendered expectations. For example, women can cry without any judgment, be it in public or when they are in an argument. At the same time, men are judged because they cry. People do not expect men to cry, as it is easy to judge men as losers or failures when they cry!

What we need to remember is that privilege is not a one-way street, not especially when genders are involved. Men and women expect something in return if they treat someone by going outside of their general behavior.

Furthermore, women are never expected to be weak or questioned about their sexuality if they hug another woman or cry while hugging them. For me, this is not a female privilege anymore but a gender bias that we should spread awareness of.

I have heard my grandparents and other older members say things like men don’t cry, women do not raise their voices, men should look after their wives and pamper them, or women should be ready to have babies!

Pampering a woman can go a long way toward making her take advantage of the situation. It can be emotional manipulation, leading to expectations that might not be fulfilled!

Does Female Privilege Exist?

Women are often called vulnerable, soft, and playful! Society, even men, considers these aspects. They are sometimes let go in many situations because they are given the benefit of the doubt, while men are supposed to behave a certain way. Seriousness and responsibility are an integral part of their personality.

I feel that with the practice of female privilege, we as a gender are cornered to receive a certain kind of treatment that is only limited to their domestic sphere, which is much smaller. Men are asked to stifle their emotions; however, does this mean I am in a better place than my partner or my brother?

I don’t feel that way! It is rather a way of creating an environment where we put authority and power on the men to treat the women with chivalry. Once again, we are acknowledging the men in the position of provider or someone who gives us access to gentle behavior and chivalry.

Finishing Off…

To sum it up, female privilege is not only about opening doors and bringing flowers for the women in your life! It is also about how often women are judged for expecting and receiving or making men do things like this.

From my point of view, women are not inherently benefitting from this chivalry; instead, they are being categorized! We are often shamed for behavior patterns such as authoritative, dominant, or competitive.  

It highlights that men are expected to be like that. But when a man is not those things, he is shamed, too! It is also about how men can expect a lot in return if they perform certain actions, such as paying on the date pi, picking up a girl from their home, or dropping her off.

Comment on this by sharing with us one event where female privilege benefited you or harmed your perception.

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