Google VP, Weinstein Recommends Users To Fact Check The Content Of Chatbot, “Bard”  

Newsby Susmita Sen29 July 2023

The Content Of Chatbot, “Bard”

Google has recommended that users fact-check the information provided by its Chatbot, Bard. While some have guessed that chatbots like Bard and ChatGPT could threaten traditional search engine dominance. Users even found that information which the Chatbot provides can be completely inaccurate.

The company Google acknowledges that Bard’s homepage has limitations, and sometimes information can be false. Bard is essentially a fancy search engine. The difference between the Google search engine and Bard is that it is relatively easy to use. Even Bard has a lot of conversational AI that offers crucial context.

The Bard announcement was a major failure because the demo was meant to showcase the Chatbot AI of Google, which contains a factual error. Google has lost a hundred billion dollars in just one day in market value.

According to Fagen Wasanni, “It is crucial that we can trust generative AI systems to provide reliable and accurate information. Therefore, it is important to address the concerns raised by Weinstein. We have reached out to Google for further comment on this matter, and this article will be updated accordingly.”

Google VP Weinstein suggests using feedback buttons to improve the performance of chatbots. Bard’s homepage doesn’t mention any double-checking results, which is important through Google Search. The main intention of Bard is to serve as a resource for factual information, which is quite similar to Google Search. But Bard has a more contextual and conversational interface than Google. Weinstein further added people would use Bard for information retrieval.

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