Know About Kakashi’s Age, The Character And His Life

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Know About Kakashi’s Age, The Character And His Life

Are you a Japanese manga fan like me? Then you are already familiar with the name Kakashi Hatake. He is a fractional anime Naruto manga character. His great creator is Masashi Kishimoto. In the story of Masashi Kishimoto, Kakashi is a teacher of Team 7.  Among all manga characters, Kakashi is one of the most handsome in the entire series. This is the main reason most female fans are falling for him. But do you have any idea how old is Kakashi?

It is an interesting question especially because of his leadership qualities! You may find him very handsome like several other teenage manga characters which can make you curious about his age! But to know in detail, you should read about his real age.

Kakashi’s Life Timeline

I know everyone wants to know more about this character. Hence every Naruto series lover person is a fan of this man. The full name of Kakashi is Hatake Kakashi. People often get confused regarding his age considering the concerns he has faced in his life.

However, I sometimes become amazed when I see how many challenges he has to face in his entire life. To calculate the age of Kakashi and to know how old is Kakashi, you have to check his entire life timeline.

Overview Of Kakashi’s Life

When we first met Kakashi, he was 26 years old. His actual age is never revealed in the series. So you have to calculate the period and the intervals in the series. This way, you can calculate the real age of the Kakashi. But in every series, you will find explicit links with his age. This way, you can successfully calculate the real age of the Kakashi. And you will get the answer of how old is Kakashi.

Kakashi’s age is closer to Obito considering Obito turns 13 just a few months before Kakashi! The recovery time that Obito took for Rin’s death was when Kakashi was turning 12 hence, the age difference between the two is not huge!

Early Age Of Kakashi

From the early days of his life, he started to show his immense potential and talent. At the age of five, he graduated from the Ninja Academy. Kakashi’s next achievement is competing in the Chūnin Examination. He competes in the examination and earns the title of Chūnin.

Obito’s death significantly changed Kakashi who started believing in teamwork. At times, he did go through the guilt of the death of Rin however, Obito helps him understand the trauma he was experiencing identified as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Now you know about Kakashi’s early age and achievements. Now let’s move on to the next part, where I am going to describe the different life events of the Kakashi. You can calculate the age of the Kakashi, and you will know how old is Kakashi right now.

Let’s see first how old is Kakashi in Naruto.

In The Naruto Series

Kakashi Hatake was born on the 15th of September. In the first part of the series, he was 26 to 27 years old. In the second part of the series, he was 30 to 31 years old. His height is about 6 ft or 5 ft 11inch

In both the second and the first parts of the series. When we first met this character that time he was not a teenager. Maybe he looks very handsome. But his actual age is more than just a 16 or 17-year-old teenager, even in the Naruto series.

You want to know, how old is Kakashi in Naruto? The age of Kakashi is between 26 to 27 in Part I of the Naruto series while he is around 29 to 31 in Part II of the Naruto series. In the series, he was well-known and popular in the Shinobi World.

In The Shippuden Series

In the Naruto Shippuden, Kakashi was 31 years old. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he was around 31. In the first season of Shippuden season 1, he was 27 years old. The Shinobi World War started after three years.

At the age of 31, top 32, he was becoming a Hokage. He also becomes the youngest Kage to earn the rank. At the age of 27, he made the title of ‘Kakashi sensei’. And he was becoming the leader of Team 7. So I think you already get the answer to this question: how old is Kakashi in Shippuden?

In The Boruto Series:

How much time interval is in the middle of the span? Then let’s see how old is Kakashi in Boruto. Kakashi is 46 years old in the Boruto series. Yes, in the middle of the Naruto Series and Boruto, there is a time interval of 15 years. Kakashi was still very young when his mother died. His father raised him. But Kakashi’s father also killed himself when he was just five. He revered his father and the loss of the father had a significantly negative impact on Kakashi!

What Is The Present Age Of The Kakashi Hatake?

Do you want to know how old is Kakashi Hatake? Right now, the age of Kakashi is nearly 47 years. 

Boruto has to be about 10 to 11 years old for permanent acceptance in the academy. So if you are going to calculate that age, you will find the 47 number. This is the right age for Kakashi Hatake.

Confusion About The Age Of Kakashi

There is an issue about the age of Kakashi especially because of the arc which is shown as Kakashi competing alongside Obito and Rin in the Chunin exams! The timeline becomes confused from chapter 599 because, on page number 7, Obito is shown in a flashback!

In the flashback, Obito is telling Rin that he wants to become Hokage! The issue arises with the fourth face on the mountain which was not Hokage yet which was later highlighted and a fixed version of three faces on the mountain was issued!

The underlying tone of this chapter was to show that there was an existing rivalry between Obito and Kakashi. When the background of Obito was being developed, Kishi was so focused on the rivalry that the timeline of Kakashi’s age and Obito’s age were not considered.

Love Interest of Kakashi!

Of course Kakashi has a love interest and her name is Hanare! He met her in a village while she was crying and saved her from the Jomae Village Head. After he saved her, they both started developing romantic feelings towards each other.

However, they could not continue their love story to a happy ending because Kakashi had to leave for Konoha. Of course there are several other fan theories, but what I just shared with you is a reported story. As a leader of Team 7, he is quite popular.

He constantly works on his ninja abilities and is currently helping Boruto, Naruto’s son in becoming better with his ninja abilities. He has worked very hard to keep his life a secret and hidden from public life however, it is the fans who constantly try and piece everything together.

Currently he is completely single however, a lot of fans suspect that he still has feelings for Hanare even if he has left her behind. However, let us not forget that Hanare is herself a female ninja and is of the same age as Kakashi.

They both know each other since childhood however, it is worth noticing that she is a spy whose main motive is to gather information about Konoha instead of just visiting Kakashi, her old friend.

Why Did Kakashi Never Marry?

One of the major reasons why Hanare is considered Kakashi’s love interest is because of a kissing scene which happened purely coincidentally. Even though fans would love if anything like this happens, what actually happened is quite comedic.

When Team 7 fell down out of a tree, they all dominoed on Kakashi leading to him falling on Hanare. The event was something that just happened, there was no intention behind it hence, there was no romance involved.

There has never been any mention of the loving relationship they both share, it is only his childhood memories that Hanare is fond of! So, if your question is why Kakashi never married or had any kids, well he has his reasons.

All the reasons that I am sharing with you are completely speculative because neither manga nor Masashi Kishimoto has given any reasons for it. I feel Kakashi has gone through many losses in his life and maybe due to that, he is scared of coming closer to someone only to lose them again!

It might be his trauma which is working against him in terms of going ahead and making a real romantic connection with someone. He might also be suffering from PTSD after he saw his father commit suicide. 

Kakashi might feel like the depression that his father fell into might be inside him too and he did not want to subject anyone else to it! Maybe due to this reason, he keeps his distance from any type of serious, romantic and committed relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: How Old Is Kakashi At The End?

Kakashi is 31 years old at the end of Naruto Shippuden. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, his birthday was in September. He was also about 31 or 32 when he became Hokage. He was becoming the youngest Kage and earning the rank.

Q2: Is Kakashi Live In Boruto?

Many of the fans are asking if Kakashi will die In the Boruto season. But this character does not die in the Baruto season. In the anime, Naruto dies in episode #159. This character is becoming the backdrop character in Boruto.

Q3: What Is The Name Of Kakashi Son?

Ken is the only son of Kakashi Hatake and Mina. She is the only child of this couple. The full name of the ken is Ken Hatake.


Now I guess you know all about how old is Kakashi. Even though! Kakashi Hatake is a fictional manga character. But the age of these characters is different in the seasons. So you can easily calculate the actual age of this fictional character. So you can see maybe you think he is going through tough challenges at a very young age. But that is not entirely correct.

Maybe in the manga comics, he looks pretty young. But his actual age is far beyond your accurate estimations. Are you a die-hard Kakashi fan like me? Then comment back to us and let us know your opinion.

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