Linkedin 101: How To Add Promotion On Linkedin?  

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how to add promotion on linkedin

Did you get a promotion recently? Do you regularly use LinkedIn and want to learn how to add promotion on LinkedIn? I will explain the process, which will help you add a job role.

Please read this article to learn further about the features on LinkedIn and how they help you get more exposure among recruiters and business owners. LinkedIn has become the hub of corporate and professional interactions and networking in the last few years.

You can use LinkedIn on your phone in the form of an app or on your tablet or laptop from the website. Apart from individuals, 30% of the users are recruiters on LinkedIn who search for candidates for vacancies and potential employees for open company positions.

Linkedin 101: How To Add Promotion On Linkedin?  

How To Add Promotion On LinkedIn_

LinkedIn works based on three significant aspects of a probable candidate or an employee: education, skills, and employment history. Any LinkedIn recruiter will check out these aspects of your profile before they shortlist you for any employment opportunities.

The application will also enable you to provide references from past colleagues and letters of recommendation to speak highly of the track record of your employment. There are two types of LinkedIn services; one is free, while there is a premium service for which you must pay a subscription amount.

There are added features in the premium version of the application. Also. there are templates and modules which will help you as a candidate to evaluate companies and the employment opportunities they are providing.

About LinkedIn  

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking platform where individuals can find a job, research the background of the companies, develop business contacts, and manage their careers. There are others as well who can benefit from LinkedIn, such as recruiters and salespeople.

The application was first launched in 2003, and the company’s co-founder is Reid Hoffman, the previous vice president. He was also in charge of corporate and business development for PayPal. So, want to know how to add a promotion on LinkedIn? Keep reading.

LinkedIn as an application is being used by 850 million users worldwide, 191 million of which belong to the US alone. Over 58 million users are registered in and across 200 territories and countries.

It was after the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft in 2016 that it acquired some of the volition. The application is a rich trove of data filled with geographies, skill sets, information related to industry, job titles and responsibilities, and others.

What Are The Features Of LinkedIn?  

What Are The Features Of LinkedIn_

The features of LinkedIn help you effectively create a satisfactory profile concerning the probable vacancies of companies and recruiters. Some of the important features are as follows:

1. Advanced Search Filters  

The tool gives the user power by saving the search questions so that even if there is no filter, you can apply it and narrow your search results several times.

2. Sales Navigator  

Another feature or tool that has been designed for sales people on LinkedIn helps in the acquisition of information on contact details and leads.

3. InMain Message  

The feature is only available in premium LinkedIn, where you can message or inbox another person even if they are not in your contact list. If you have a free account, you can send and receive messages only from people on your contact list.

So, this feature comes in handy when a recruiter or a brand is trying to connect with you for employment opportunities; they can directly message you without establishing a connection.

4. Advanced Search Filters  

With this feature, you can closely examine an individual on LinkedIn even if you do not have all the information about them. It is an effective way to use search filters to find the exact answer you are looking for. It will help you acquire details of accounts and contact information.

How To Add Promotion On LinkedIn?  

You can share your job role and position on your LinkedIn if you recently got a promotion. LinkedIn is a social networking platform, so you must share your professional achievements and career advancement on LinkedIn.

So, to know how to add promotion on LinkedIn, read along! First, sign in to LinkedIn with your credentials on your phone, tablet, or computer. Once logged in, you have to click on the Me option in the top right corner of the display.

Choose the View Profile option to edit your LinkedIn account page. Take your cursor to hover over the job you want to change or cleanse in the position. It is where you will find the pencil icon, which you need to tap.

Once you tap on the icon, you can add a new position by clicking on the + sign, which appears above the Experience section in your profile. If the job is an existing profile, you can add the role of your promotion there.

If there is a new job, you must click the edit button. Then add a new job title and other details related to the position. Once you update your job roles for the promotion, your connections will get notifications.

It would be best to turn on the toggle to help you share the information with your network. You then have to click save! You are ready to answer how to post a promotion on LinkedIn!

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Promotion On LinkedIn?  

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Promotion On LinkedIn_

There are several reasons why adding a promotion on LinkedIn will benefit you in your professional career. Apart from those benefits, it will also help you monitor your skills and achievements.

Updating the profile with your current roles and responsibilities after promotion will create better exposure concerning employment searchers by recruiters.

When recruiters download your resume, the added promotion in the form of a role or position will help you in the long run. This is another way of how to announce promotion on LinkedIn which will get you more exposure!

Informing about your promotion on LinkedIn will help your contacts get a better idea of your professional achievements.

What do we know?  

LinkedIn is an important networking platform in the current century; hence, read this article to learn how to add promotion on LinkedIn. It will not only give you more exposure but will also be highlighted in the recruiters’ search results.

Further, when kept updated regarding roles and responsibilities in the form of promotion, your profile positively impacts the recruiter. When checking out the probability of employment, having an updated profile helps in transparency and clarity.

Comment down below on your choice of your favorite feature and why!

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