How to Download Android Music That Sounds Great on Headphones

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How to Download Android Music

Did you get new headphones to use, but have no music to jam to?

Listening to music is something that people do in different situations. Some use music to unwind while others use it to help them focus on their tasks. This quality of music also makes it a big part of mental wellness.

You can only feel this effect from music if you have the right headphones for the job. Once you do, how will you get your music, though? Learning how to download Android music is the first step to building a library of music on your phone.

What’s great is that there are many ways for you to download music on your phone. Read on to learn how so you can listen to your music today!

Downloading Through Google Music

Since you’re downloading Android music, it’s best to get them through a compatible and reliable platform. This is what makes Google Music a good platform for your needs.

Any file you download here will get added to your library by default. If you download an entire playlist, it will sort its files in alphabetical order. This also goes for albums and such.

To download from this platform, you only need to open the app on your device. Search for the song or album that you want to include in your library. On the right of the song’s bar should be an arrow, which is the download button.

Clicking or tapping on the button lets your download the song, album, or playlist. When the download arrow changes into a checkmark, it means that your download is now complete.

Using Third-Party Programs

Google Music is the main software that Android users use for download because of how compatible it is with their devices. That doesn’t mean that it’s the only software that you can use for downloading Android music, though.

You can also use other programs to download your music. This is an option because these programs often have better interfaces than Google Music. This means that it’s easier for some to understand these than Google Music’s interface.

If you’re not sure which program to use, try Spotify. It’s among the most popular programs with over 144 million users. The platform allows you to download songs and albums like Google Music.

What’s great about Spotify is that it allows you to download custom albums by other users. This can make for a more interesting experience since you can download your friend’s for your purposes.

Downloading Through Websites

You can also download your music straight from the Internet! There are tons of music sharing platforms that allow downloads nowadays. You only need to pick the right one to prevent your device from getting viruses.

A great platform to download songs from is Soundcloud. It has a simple interface and an easy method for downloading. All you need to do is create an account beforehand.

Before you can download anything on the platform, create a playlist of the songs you want to download. The next time you open your playlist, there should be a download button available to tap.

You can also save the music you like. When you visit your library, you can see the songs that you saved. You can also download these songs to your device from here.

Using Extensions and Plugins

If you’re using Google Chrome as your primary browser, you can also install extensions to download your music. You first need to open the Google Music web player to get the process started. Click on the 3-line menu and select the “Settings” option.

You should find an “Add Your Music” option to select. If you have the extension for Google Play Music installed, two new options should pop up. If you want the music to go into a custom folder, click the Download Folder option.

If you want the music to go to the default directory path, click Download Library. This allows you to add music to your device for you to listen to.

Downloading Through Chrome OS

If you’re using a Chromebook, you may not be comfortable downloading through apps. What you can do is download using the Chrome Browser, instead. You only need to make sure that you use an external hard drive when downloading through Chrome OS.

This is because Chromebooks don’t have a lot of space from the get-go. You’ll need the extra space to prevent a memory overflow while downloading. What’s great is that the Chrome Browser will allow you to download any song on Google Music.

Transferring Files From Desktop to Phone

If you already downloaded music on your desktop, you can transfer it to your phone with ease. You only need to make sure that both use the Android OS to prevent complications.

You need to plug in your phone to your desktop using the appropriate cable. Once connected, the desktop will ask for permission to access your phone’s files. Confirming should allow you to explore the phone’s files and vice versa.

Open your music folder on your PC and select the files you want to transfer. You can then cut or copy them and paste them to your phone’s library. Once the transfer is complete, you should be able to play your music on your phone.

Test it out to confirm that everything is in order. It’s best to listen to them with headphones on to ensure the quality of your music files.

If you can’t hear anything, you may have a problem with your headphone jack. If all is clear with the jack, you may have some corrupted files. You need to move them again if you want to listen to your music on your phone.

Learn How to Download Android Music Today

Once you know how to download Android music to your device, listening to whatever strikes your fancy won’t be a problem. Use the methods above to ensure you get the music you want and use your headphones to it’s fullest potential today!

Do you want to learn more about Android systems? Like with macOS, there are tons of things you can do if you know how to tweak the systems to your specifications. Check out more of our guides and posts to learn all you can learn today!

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