Tips to Make Your Virtual Meetings Unforgettable

How toby Ariana Smith13 August 2020

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings can be tiring, multiple one after the other can be downright exhausting and will usually mean that anyone attending is unlikely to remember much of what was done or said. This is a fairly new condition known as Zoom fatigue and it highlights the issue some have encountered since switching from face-to-face interaction to video conferencing. Virtual meetings can be challenging due to the fact that during physical interactions, much of our communication is based on body language and situational context, none of which transfers very well to the virtual world. In an effort to help combat this new condition and to help your meetings stand out in people’s minds, here we have provided a few tips on how to make your virtual meetings unforgettable.

Use the features that are available

One of the amazing advantages that a virtual meeting holds over its physical counterpart is more access to different techniques to share information and discuss other topics. Virtual whiteboards can be used to brainstorm new ideas or discuss topics much like a physical one would be, except you can choose who has access to write on it and everyone gets a perfect view of it. Screen sharing is another tool that can be used to share information, you can either share your entire screen or a single application, allowing you to effortlessly show anyone you like what you are viewing to get a point across or to share the data on your screen. The final tool you can use is shared documents, if you don’t want to share your screen you can simply share a document, allowing other people to view and, if you so choose, edit it.

Try using emojis

In the past, it may have seemed unprofessional to use things like emojis but nowadays they are just another tool in your digital repertoire that can be used to convey emotions that may otherwise not be picked up on. Without physical body language, many emotions like sarcasm or humor may be missed online and emojis provide a quick and easy way to convey them without disrupting the meeting.

Why not a change of scenery

One of the problems with virtual meetings is that not everyone’s home is presentable and even if it is, there is a good chance that there will be distractions happening in the background, often out of your control. Many well-established companies reportedly used background for Zoom meetings to either hide any information that may be behind them or even to simply avoid distractions and to keep their personal space out of view from the rest of the meeting attendees. Using virtual backgrounds can also add some humor to an otherwise dreary meeting due to the sheer amount of options available for you to choose from.

Record it

Finally, while perhaps not necessarily all of the time, another incredibly useful feature of virtual conference calls is having the ability to record them. This feature allows you to record the entire meeting at the push of a button, meaning the participants do not need to take as many notes and is especially helpful if a team member is unavailable at the time of the meeting. You can simply send the file to whoever missed out, providing an easy and accurate way for them to catch up on current events with very little effort on anyone else’s part.

Virtual meetings are, for most of us, a new tool to use with our company and co-workers which can lead to plenty of confusion and wasted time if not done correctly. If you take note of the tips in this article your meeting will undoubtedly be far smoother and

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