This Is How to Take Care of Chickens the Right Way

Pets & Animalsby Mashum Mollah25 November 2020

How to Take Care of Chickens

Chickens are amazing additions to your pet family, and there’s nothing like having fresh eggs for breakfast laid by your very own flock. Whether you live out on a farm or have a backyard coop, it’s important to know how to take care of chickens properly. With these tips, learn how to give your chickens what they need, so they can give to you in return.

How to Take Care of Chickens

Choose Their Home

First, you need to make sure your chickens have a good home. Decide whether they’ll be free-range or live in a coop with a chicken run. Click here to compare methods and figure out which one is right for your flock.

No matter which option you choose, your chickens will need a coop. You can try your hand at building your own or purchase one from a pet store or farming supply store. Keep reading to learn good chicken coop care.

Give Them a Place to Nest

Now that you’ve got a coop, you need to give your chickens comfortable places to sleep and nest. Your coop should have at least one perch per chicken, as this is where they like to sleep. You should also provide one nesting box per four hens and lay down adequate bedding, like straw, to keep them nesting comfortably.

You should also add straw bedding to the floor of the coop since it’s absorbent and will make cleanup quicker.

Refill Their Food and Water Daily

Now that your chickens are comfortable in their new home, you need to keep their food and water supply fresh.

You can use tubs or large bowls to keep their water in and refill it daily. Chickens don’t like gross water containers, so keep an eye on their bowls and wash them with soap and water whenever they get too dirty.

For feed, we recommend for healthy layer feed that will give your chickens the nutrients they need to consistently lay eggs. If you get a large hanging feeder, you will just need to refill it as needed to keep your flock satisfied.

Let Them Out Every Morning

Whether your chickens are free-range or use a chicken run, open the coop door every morning so they can get some sun and exercise.

Collect the Eggs

Happy chickens will lay roughly one egg per day, so make it part of your routine to collect them each day to keep them fresh and avoid cracks.

Clean the Coop

Your chickens will appreciate fresh, dry bedding, so take a few minutes to clean their perches and nesting boxes every day and exchange the soiled straw for new straw. You should change the bedding on the floor of the coop on a weekly basis, or whenever it becomes too dirty, to prevent pests and diseases.

Bring Them in at Night

Tuck your chickens into their coop every night so that they can sleep soundly and stay safe from predators. You can also install fencing around their coop for extra protection.

Happy Chickens, Happy Home

Overall, learning how to take care of chickens can be a fun experience. Chickens make low-maintenance and generous pets, and establishing a simple routine to take care of them will keep everyone happy, healthy, and hassle-free.

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