Different Types Of Huskies With Images And Breeds

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types of huskies

Huskies are the best combination of power, beauty, and grace. These powerful sled dogs originated from the northern side of the earth. These types of dogs are intelligent, hard-working, independent, and graceful. When we are asking about the different types of huskies, the first question which comes to our mind is 

Do all the pure breeds of huskies have blue eyes?

 That is the one attractive part of this graceful breed. All the husky pups have magnificent blue eyes, but there is no such guarantee that they will remain in the same color when they become adults.

So stop judging the huskies’ breed quality according to their eyes color.

Just jump in the topics which will elaborately describe the different breeds of huskies and their unique qualities.

7 Popular Types Of Huskies With Images And Breeds

types of huskies

The huskies are mostly available in seven different categories. Most people are mistaken between the huskies breeds as most of us mistake the huskies for a single breed dog.

So let’s start the journey to know our favorite dog breed in a closer approximation.

1. Alaskan Malamute

Life Span: 10-13 years

Length: 23-27 inch

Weight: 80-100 pound

Alaskan Malamute is the fluffiest among all the types of huskies breed. You will recognize them with a single glance as they are known for their broad shoulders, big head, brown eyes, and long and dense coat of fur. These dog breeds are counted as one of the smartest dog breeds. They score five out of five as the intelligent dog’s intelligence levels.

You can train them as the one master dogs and highly trainable dogs. If you need an obedient giant fluff, then start their training from a very early age. Alaskan Malamute is not counted as an aggressive breed dog, but if you lose the behavioral training, the other smaller animals live in danger. 

Early age training and socialization are compulsory.

2. Samoyed

Life Span: 12-15 years

Length: 21-24 inch

Weight: 50-60 pound

Samoyed is a relatively smaller type of huskies breed than the Alaskan Malamute and the Alaskan Huskies. Very adorable looking dog with white or cream color fur. The white fluffy curl-up tail is the main attractive feature of this breed. 

This breed is quite comfortable as the working dogs and the family dogs in both roles. Hence these breeds are smaller in size, but you will feel amazed after seeing their working potentials.

Early age training is a compulsory step along with behavioral and socialization training.

They can be stubborn if you cannot train them well. They achieve the 44th position in the intelligence list, so do not hesitate to treat them as your loyal companion.

3. Siberian Husky

Life Span: 12-15 years

Length: 20-24 inch

Weight: 40-60 pound

The Siberian Husky is a very common face whenever we watch movies about sled dogs. In 80% of movies, the Siberian Huskies are portrayed with beautiful blue eyes and filled with leadership qualities.

But these qualities are not wrongly portrayed. Siberian Husky is one of the best sled and guard dogs. If you need beautiful guarding types of huskies breeds with a very high intelligence level, then these dog breeds are just for you.

You will recognize these dog breeds with their double-coated fur, erected triangle-shaped eyes. 

As this breed is working and guard dogs, these dogs are highly intelligent and gentle with human beings. 

The early stage of training is compulsory. Regular exercise and training are mandatory to cop up with these breed’s energy.

4. Labrador Husky

Life Span: 10-13 years

Length: 22-28 inch

Weight: 42-61 pound

These dog breeds are not pure breeds of huskies; they are famous for their unique body structure and short coat of fur. Labrador Husky is the combination of the huskies and their long-line ancestors, and you can spot many similarities with the wolf.

These are the very special types of huskies breeds with a narrow wolf-like facial structure. These medium-built dogs are quite robust, and they inherit their ancestors hunting instincts. So if you are planning to adopt these breed dogs and your other pets, you must take care of the dog’s safety and the other smaller pets around them.

Early age training is essential to train them.

When you are adopting these dogs and your other pets, give time for the dog’s socialization. 

You only have to remember one thing: we are adopting a smaller version of wild wolves. The intelligence level of these breeds is almost like their ancestors. 

5. Alaskan Husky

Life Span: 12-15 years

Length: 20-24inch

Weight: 35-50 pound

Alaskan Husky is another husky breed that has very close features of their wolf ancestors. Alaskan Husky is one of the best companions of the cold-area living human beings. The slender and strong muscular body is their main feature.

One of the hardest and strongest types of huskies breeds of the nordic regions. The leadership quality is quite unique among these breeds. They all have very strong legs that let them carry the sled along the Nordic regions’ snowy path.

Finest hardworking and long-running dog, but for every efficiency, they need a good training schedule.

Early age training is compulsory for these types of breeds.

6. Greenland Dogs

Life Span: 10-13 years

Length: 24-27inch

Weight: 67-72 pound

Greenland Huskies are one of the largest types of huskies breed among all the huskies breeds. The beautiful black and fluffy white dogs. These heavyweight powerful sled dogs are first found in the Siberia region. They have qualities like Canadian Eskimo dogs.

These arctic area dogs are slender, and the muscular body gives them the power to work hard, and their heavy coat of fur keeps their body warm.

As these breeds are working dogs, but they also look adorable.

They have a broad head, small ears, and a rolled-up fluffy tail. 

These dogs are extremely good at surviving in cold, harsh, and challenging environments.

Like the other sled dogs, they also love to live in a pack.

These dogs are not aggressive, but they need to get their training early because of their large size.

7. Chinook 

Life Span: 13-15 years

Length: 24-27inch

Weight: 60-90 pound

In the 20th century, Chinook was first developed in New Hampshire. Now Chinook is the official state dog of New Hampshire.

Chinook is a very rare and powerful type of huskies dog breed.

These dogs are affectionate and highly sociable family-oriented guard dogs. 

These dog breeds are big and muscular; hence these breeds are quite intelligent and gentle towards the other dog breeds and the family’s children.

These dogs are a highly intelligent dog breed and very easily trainable and sociable.

These dog breeds also need early age training as they are a big and robust breed.


Huskies are a powerful and obedient breed. This highly energetic breed needs regular exercises and workouts to get in the proper shape. These dog breeds are not for amateur dog trainers; these dogs need experienced and highly trained dog trainers. 

These dog breeds have a long and extra heavy coat of fur. So they all need the perfect professional grooming and haircut. If your huskies have double-coated fur, more attention is required for maintenance. These beautiful dogs are walking the same path along with their human companions from archaic times. 

Still now, these tough and graceful breeds never disappointed their dog parents. So do not hesitate to adopt these beautiful types of huskies and bring a good family friend to your home.

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