Web Design Essentials For Pet Supply Stores

Pets & Animals by  Arnab Dey 02 June 2023

Online pet supply retailers operate in a highly competitive area of e-commerce. Review some of the most important things that you need to do in order to manage your website successfully and deliver positive customer experiences consistently.

Feature Thorough Product Descriptions

Detailed product descriptions have an extremely important role in any e-commerce business’ storefront, particularly pet supply stores. When people cannot hold an item in their hands and examine the packaging in detail, they may not feel comfortable forging ahead with a purchase. To compensate for this key difference between shopping online and shopping in person, great photographs and exhaustive written descriptions are crucial. 

It is advantageous to use a first-rate pet store POS platform that already has comprehensive product listing information for many of the most popular items that pet owners shop for regularly. Harnessing this resource will reduce a substantial volume of the work that goes into generating listings.

Using information that a POS provider has already curated with care helps to ensure that each of your listings conveys key information accurately and also makes it easy for you to present that information in a fluid, easy-to-navigate interface. 

Highlight Meaningful Information About Products’ Nutritional Content

People are becoming increasingly conscientious about the ingredients in pet food. They know that they have to look at more than just the most conspicuous information printed on the front of products’ packaging in order to get an accurate picture of exactly what is in it. 

Ideally, being able to view a product from multiple angles and zoom in on them should reveal all of the information on a product’s packaging, including a full list of ingredients. However, because many manufacturers opt to make this print extremely small, this might not work with every single item that you sell. 

Consider introducing a uniform layout for every item listing where customers can quickly jump to ingredients in addition to nutritional information that breaks down the percentage content of various nutrients such as protein. Making this information easy to find facilitates a faster and more straightforward shopping experience for health-conscious customers. 

Incorporate Smart Filters to Refine Searches and Narrow Down Categorical Displays

Just about every online pet supply retailer gives their customers the option of looking at foods based on the type of pet they are shopping for. They can also opt to look at wet food or dry food, and some sites enable customers to select the primary flavor or protein component of a product.

For instance, they could select dog food, remove foods meant for cats or other pets, and they can then select a variety of products containing chicken, beef, or fish. Many retailers leave it at that, but this might make it difficult for people to readily find a product that appeals to them. 

Include additional parameters that customers may use to filter products. Definitely be sure to give people the option to refine product categories by the age groups that foods are geared towards. For dogs, this should include puppies, adults, and seniors.

Likewise, it might be helpful to incorporate criteria surrounding specific health concerns that foods are formulated to address such as maintaining a healthy weight or managing digestive intolerances. Ultimately, well-targeted filtering capabilities steer customers toward the products that they are most likely to be interested in trying. 

Showcase Reviews

When pet owners are debating a new product that they have never tried before, reviews from other pet owners could serve to give them a boost of confidence. Ideally, reviews should communicate more than simply a star-based rating system. For instance, reading about how somebody’s fussy eater savored a particular treat with gusto motivates shoppers to try replicating that gratifying experience for their own fur babies.

After your customers have received their order, send a follow-up email soliciting a review. Consider incentivizing customers to share their feedback by offering a percentage discount or a fixed dollar amount of savings on their next purchase of the item that they are reviewing.

Once shoppers make an order from a vendor that can provide a shopping and order fulfillment experience that meets with their expectations, they are likely to sustain that relationship with that vendor for years. A seamless, streamlined e-commerce interface is going to help make your company competitive with other vendors. 

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