Huggy Wuggy 101: Everything You Need To Know In 2023

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Huggy Wuggy

Are you curious and concerned about the other news related to Huggy Wuggy? Especially the way the media is trying to caution parents regarding their children getting exposed to a violent and horror-based character called Huggy Wuggy. Read more.

Common Sense Media has rated the game Playtime Poppy as allowed for children aged 12+. However, children younger than 12 are also exposed to Playtime Poppy. The character has also been featured on TikTok and Youtube videos accessible to everyone.

With the character’s popularity, Huggy Wuggy has been used as a toy concept available in toy and gift shops. The concern raised with the toy character is that there are splatters of blood across the factory in the game.

The game has no violence or graphic gore; it is scary, especially for a younger audience. Huggy Wuggy is supposed to be soft and warm, with the concept of hugs. However, it completely deceives the children, especially with the biting into people once it hugs them in the game.

Huggy Wuggy 101: Everything You Need To Know In 2023

Huggy Wuggy 101

The toy Huggy Wuggy appears as a slender and tall creature covered with bright and thick blue fur. The legs of the character are pretty long, while the hands and feet are large and yellow. The Huggy Wuggy costume of the toy is also based on this description.

The feet of Huggy Wuggy have four fingers, while there are Velcro straps on his hands. The fingers in the feet are not movable, while his torso is stout. His head is quite large with two dilated big eyes. The lips are oversized and red, mostly a cartoonist representation.

He is the main antagonist of the Huggy Wuggy poppy playtime which Zachary Preciado has voiced. The appearance of Huggy Wuggy can be both unsettling and thrilling. The Entertainment Software Rating Board allows 13-year-olds to play the game, while Pan-European Game Information approves the game to be played by 12-year-olds.

Children can come out as confused and scared from watching the videos with Huggy Wuggy in them or the game. Parents must be aware of this and educate themselves in preparing to handle their children.

Exposure to this type of content cannot be stopped entirely; however, the adult must be aware of the issue.

Who Is Huggy Wuggy?

Who Is Huggy Wuggy

A character called Huggy Wuggy was created in 1984 by Playtime Co. as a toy and a mascot. The character has become very popular and is considered one of the significant toys of the Brand Playtime Co.

The personality has been developed as a soft and welcoming mascot and toy that does not interact much. Instead, the character gives and receives warm hugs as an interaction approach.

The issue arises with the monster counterpart of Huggy Wuggy called 1170. The character is in the horror survival game called Poppy Playtime. There are different series that have this character followed by children.

The counterpart is presented as a murderous creature who slaughters everyone he meets. In the game, Huggy Wuggy constantly has a weird smile, showing his enjoyment when hunting his victims. His way of killing is biting the victim’s face and killing them.

How Are Children Exposed To Huggy Wuggy?

How Are Children Exposed To Huggy Wuggy

Due to the internet, Huggy-Wuggy has become so popular, and the name has made the character a child-friendly entity. The problem is that the game is horror-based, with occasional blood in the videos.

The children are mostly exposed to the scary character, Huggy Wuggy, on social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube videos. The monster-bear hybrid is also developed based on Huggy Wuggy toys. Hence, children are exposed to nationwide carnivals, fairs, and gift shops.

The character has sharp teeth that come into view when it smiles. It has red lips, which is scary and can be harmful and upsetting for children. Yet children are obsessed with the character, and you can’t explain why!

Young children are hard to understand, especially regarding different factors. For kids, happy things can be scary, while they can take dangerous objects or characters as silly, calm, and funny. Therefore, the razor-sharp teeth do not seem to offend the children.

Why Are Parents Should Be Concerned About Huggy Wuggy?

Why Are Parents Should Be Concerned About Huggy Wuggy

Huggy Wuggy is an iconic monster character who has become popular with children. People are concerned about the nature of Huggy Wuggy because it deceives and deviates children from the character’s purpose.

The character is proposed as funny and warm, yet a monster kills other characters in the Huggy Wuggy game. For young children, it is too scary and violent when it comes to the tall and blue monster Huggy Wuggy has claws and sharp teeth. 

In the game, giving hugs and singing songs might be something that Huggy Wuggy does but it is in a threatening manner! When watching the video, the monster might trigger anxiety and nightmares among young children.

There is a video on TikTok with the song “Cause I could just hug you here. Forever, forever. Till you breathe your last breath.” It is a misleading song for children. Also, it is entirely valid for parents to be concerned about their children because they might become more confused and scared of the character.

It is because it is becoming a fast trend, very similar to the 2019 Momo Challenge. Cyberbullying is an important aspect that should be highlighted!

What Can Parents Do To Be Aware Of Huggy Wuggy?

Parents should educate themselves about the character and why it is a sensation. The focus should also be on the children and their obsession with the character. Around social media platforms and applications, parents should discuss and inform about the risks of the character.

Keeping communication open with the child is a necessary way to address the scary factor related to the character Huggy Wuggy which might sound safe, but the visual representation is pretty frightening. According to the police reports, the game’s content is misleading and can negatively impact the child.

The issue is that children start talking and following the character’s activities without realizing it is a horror-based game. The name appeals to the children; hence, parental controls on internet connectivity are necessary. There is a high probability of getting triggered or individuals who have anxiety!

Children after watching Huggy Wuggy might have nightmares! The videos might make you or your children more anxious. They might also think that violence and being aggressive is okay and it is this notion that must be changed. It should be made very clear especially with regards to how children should not behave badly!

It is also important that all electronic devices have parental control so that their children cannot access the game Playtime Poppy or become exposed to the videos of Huggy Wuggy on Youtube and TikTok.


When you read about Huggy Wuggy, you get to know how scary it can be for children. There are several and potential chances of children getting easily triggered leading to nightmares and nervousness. Children getting exposed to the game is another way of misleading young minds regarding violence!

Please read the article to learn more about the character or the game-based character Huggy Wuggy and what you need to know.

Comment down below regarding the potential risks of Huggy Wuggy for children.

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