The Next Chapter: Unveiling The Secrets Of John Wick Chapter 5!

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john wick chapter 5

With high anticipation, a Keanu Reeves fan awaits the next John Wick! Want to know more about John Wick Chapter 5? Please read about the fifth installment of the movie and how it still has the material to surprise us off our seats.

The universe of John Wick has been crafted with meticulous planning, both intricate and passionate. The films are beautifully made. Even with all the violence and blood, grace never leaves the screen. In the article, I will discuss the probable plot of chapter 5 of John Wick.

A visceral masterpiece, John Wick is one of the perfect examples of filmmaking, cinematography, and editing! Each one is gorgeous; the movies take the hue of their background, and the location matters as much as the characters. Keep reading if you are a John Wick fan, and learn about the latest news!

What Is The Franchise of John Wick?

What Is The Franchise of John Wick_

The franchise of John Wick is based on the storyline where a retired hitman, John Wick, is attacked by thugs who have no idea about the hitman’s concept! The thugs, who are gang members, break into his house to take away the car he owns!

They saw the car first at the gas station and tried to buy it off from the retired hitman but to no luck! So they broke into his house, beat him, and killed his dog. That is when the former hitman decides to come out of his retirement and take revenge to avenge his dead dog.

The dog was quite important to Wick because it was gifted to him by his wife, and after her death, the dog gave him solace. His lethal skills are reawakened, not that he has a goal, and he plunges back into the dangerous world of assassins.

All the franchise chapters deal with some acts of vengeance or revenge, as he has been involved in many killings while working as an active hitman! People from his past keep coming up, including secret societies, highly skilled hitmen, and respected codes of conduct.

The Next Chapter: Unveiling The Secrets Of John Wick Chapter 5!

The Next Chapter_ Unveiling The Secrets Of John Wick Chapter 5!

After the success of chapter 4 of John Wick, the director did sound like he was fried! With the genuine creativity we see in the movies, it is understandable that creating magic repeatedly needs juice.

So, when fans heard about the director not yet ready to work on the next movie, fans were heartbroken! However, the studios confirmed that they are prepared for the plot idea of the fifth franchise installment. Now we are questioning the director, and will the charm still be there if he is not there?

Keanu Reeves has been shown as dead in the fourth movie, but is he dead? Considering we have not seen him dead! Are alarm bells ringing yet? Read more to learn about the probability of the fifth installment.

Where We Left Off At John Wick Chapter 4?

Where We Left Off At John Wick Chapter 4_

When talking about John Wick Chapter 4, you must address the gorgeous-looking movie amidst the Moroccan desert’s oranges and reds and Osaka’s neon lights! The background is as much of a character in the movie, which has some beyond the fight sequence.

It is a symphony of characters that creates stunning and elegant moments and imagery that gives us much more than we bargained for in an action movie. Wick’s fight with the high table is one of the significant points of conflict in chapter 4.

In the movie, he is fighting for his freedom, so you never know how it is developed in chapter 5. The high table tries to assassinate Wick and uphold the laws in the dark assassin world.

The movie ends with John Wick getting killed once the council frees him. However, we are not exactly sure that Wick is killed! There wouldn’t have been chapter 5 if he was dead!

And if you consider the death, nobody has been shown in chapter 4. While the Bowery King and Winston are standing over his grave talking about Wick, there might be a possibility that the amazing hitman is just faking his death and avoiding the gaze of the high table.

The Potential Of Chapter 5 For John Wick!

The Potential Of Chapter 5 For John Wick!

The plot has always been organic; hence, the director, Chad Stehelski, and actor, Keanu Reeves, would not mess with the audience to gain more traction. The ending of the fourth chapter hints at something, and so it will be!

According to the director, it needs rest; according to the plot-line, it is organic; we are in the works for chapter 5! With Reeves portraying John Wick’s protagonist, I am sure Bowler King and Winston will also return.

There is also Cain, portrayed by Donnie Yen, and Tracker, played by Shamier Anderson, who might return to chapter 5 of the franchise. Considering Reeves will be appearing in the spin-off Ballerina, which casts Ana de Armas as the protagonist, there is a probability that she might occur in chapter 5 of John Wick.

The Latest News Related To Chapter 5!

The Lionsgate Motion Picture Group president, Joe Drake, confirmed the news of chapter 5 as he informed that the production house will start working on the ideas for the next installment. This was, however, much later after the director of the movie, Chad Stahelski, stated that he was done making new John Wick movies.

The director also informed that he and Keanu Reeves would only consider returning for the next chapter if they liked the sequel plans. John Wick was the passion project of the director as he has previously worked with Reeves as a stunt double in “Matrix”!

The director may only work in part of the fifth installment. However, Reeves has confirmed to appear in the spin-off, Ballerina. Another spin-off in the John Wick universe is The Continental, a television series.

Other spin-offs are coming, both in movies and television series. So, based on the development of the John Wick universe, the movie can be a prequel or sequel.

What To Be Expected?

Are you waiting for the John Wick Chapter 5? No such plot line has been revealed or hinted at, but it is important to consider the story of where it all ended! The movie might not be a prequel now that the universe is well-established.

One of the best action franchises of all time, John Wick, has been more than what we have bargained for, and we are not ready to let go of it yet!

Comment below on what you expect from chapter 5 of the franchise John Wick!

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