How to Make Sandwiches That All Your Customers Will Love

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Sandwiches are an integral part of the American diet. About fifty percent of Americans eat at least one sandwich every day! It’s also one of the first meals we learn to make while growing up and requires little to no cooking skills. Having said that, how can sandwich shops take a regular sandwich and bring it to the next level?

A sandwich is a food consisting of greens, sliced cheese or chicken, put on or within slices of bread, or more usually any dish wherein bread works as a container or cover for different food variety. Mastering how to make the perfect sandwiches takes a bit of trial and error in the kitchen.

If you are an aspiring sub shop franchisee or are looking for new ways to improve your sandwich menu,

here are some excellent pointers for you:

1. Buy good bread

Sandwich-making is an art, and the bread is your canvas. Having good bread is the most crucial step in creating a tasty sandwich. Of course, you can’t stuff delicious ingredients in stale, low-quality bread and end up with a good sandwich. Hence, choosing great bread should be your priority when creating your menu.

There are endless varieties of bread that you can choose from, but some slices of bread are better for certain fillings than others. For example, loaves of bread that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside are excellent for stewy ingredients. On the other hand, soft slices of bread will be better matches for delicate ingredients like ham or egg.

2. Embrace condiments 

A good sandwich shop doesn’t just stick to the usual condiments like mayo, ketchup, and mustard–you should also have things like garlic butter, spiced mayo, tahini, yogurt, and other unique condiments. Don’t be afraid to play with condiment combinations in one sandwich. Flavors that contrast with one another can make for a spectacular sandwich; it’s up to you to do a little bit of trial and error.

3. Make sure your vegetables are fresh


The quality and freshness of your vegetables can make or break the deliciousness of your sandwich. No one likes to eat soggy veggies in their sub, so make sure you keep your herbs fresh. Buy fresh vegetables, preferably from the farmer’s market, and store them cold. When it’s time to use your veggies, give them a little rinse to rehydrate.

If some of your veggies are already a bit wilted, don’t throw them out right away. You can cook your vegetables to use as other fillings. For example, you can do roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, coleslaw, and pickled cucumbers. Not only will you reduce wastage, but you’ll be adding more flavor to your sandwiches with these ingredients, too.

4. Know how to handle meat

Meat is often the central part of savory sandwiches. There are tons of ways you can prepare meat, but there are certain do’s and dont’s that you have to remember. In general, cooking your meats will give them an extra flavor compared to leaving them cold. However, cold meats can still taste great if you layer them thinly.

Either way, avoid slicing meat too thinly. This can take away some of the flavors and have them sticking into one unappetizing hunk of meat.

Learning how to make the best sandwiches takes a bit of trial and error in the kitchen. But with these pointers, you can have a head start in creating the most delicious subs ever.

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