Meta Allows Users To Share And Record Videos In WhatsApp Chat Directly: End-To-End Encryptions  

News by  priyanjana kar 28 July 2023

Record Videos In WhatsApp Chat Directly

Whatsapp announced that users can record and even share short personal videos in chats directly. Whatsapp explained further that sending video messages is quite simple, and anyone can send messages the way one sends the voice message through WhatsApp chat.

Thus all a user needs to do is click on the “switch” option and change the voice mode to video mode. After that, hold the record option just like voice records and then release the switch to send. Users also can lock and record the video free-hands.

According to Meta, if any user is worried about his/her privacy, they won’t. Video messages are directly protected with end-to-end encryption. This keeps the video messages secure.

Although if you don’t receive the update yet, then don’t get worried. Whatsapp takes some time to roll out the exclusive features, and you will be able to use them as soon as possible. According to the CEO of Meta, Zuckerberg, “ New for Whatsapp…. We are adding the ability to instantly record and share a video message in your Whatsapp chats. It is as easy as sending a quick voice message.” According to Meta, “Video messages are as simple as voice messages.

You can send and show whatever you want in just 60 seconds. No matter if you want to wish someone, or if you want to share your emotions with someone or even laugh at jokes and so on.”

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