Netflix’s “One Piece” Adaptation: What’s Next After the Grand Line Voyage?

News by  Rishab Dey 01 September 2023

Netflix's _One Piece_ Adaptation_ What's Next After the Grand Line Voyage_

As the Straw Hats set sail on their daring journey across the Grand Line in Netflix’s “One Piece” adaptation, fans are in for a surprise beyond the horizon. This adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s beloved manga, with nods to the anime by Toei Animation, chronicles the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew as they navigate the treacherous waters of the Grand Line.

While the series’ second season is yet to be confirmed, a tantalizing clue awaits attentive viewers just before the closing credits. A character tease in the finale gives insight into what could lie ahead.

In the concluding moments of the episode, after the title card drops, a mysterious figure in a Marine uniform emerges through the smoke. The man places a stone atop a stack on his desk, ignites a cigar, and presses it against Luffy’s bounty poster, setting it ablaze.

This enigmatic scene is a nod to Captain “White Chase” Smoker, a Marine who crosses paths with the Straw Hat crew soon after they defeat Arlong. Smoker wields the power of the Plume-Plume Fruit, granting him control over smoke and the ability to subdue adversaries with Devil Fruit powers.

The appearance of Smoker holds intriguing implications for the potential second season of “One Piece.” In the manga, Smoker plays a pivotal role in the Arabasta Saga, where he collaborates with the Straw Hats to thwart the ambitions of Crocodile, a formidable antagonist aligned with the World Government.

While Smoker’s cameo is a compelling teaser, fans might ponder the absence of other captivating characters. For instance, Tony Tony Chopper, the Straw Hats’ doctor and a reindeer-human hybrid, offers significant narrative potential. However, bringing Chopper’s intricate design to life through VFX presents a considerable challenge.

Nico Robin, introduced as an antagonist during the Arabasta arc, and Luffy’s older brother Portgas D. Ace, wielding Flame-Flame Devil Fruit powers, also remain prime candidates for teasers in a potential second season.

As the grand voyage of “One Piece” continues, Netflix holds the key to unveiling the fate of these characters. Although Smoker’s appearance hints at the Arabasta Saga, the streaming giant has yet to confirm the path the series will take. Fans remain eager to witness the unfolding of the Straw Hats’ next chapter and the potential inclusion of beloved characters from the expansive “One Piece” universe.

Stay tuned for updates on the future of “One Piece” as Netflix navigates the waters of adaptation, exploration, and anticipation.

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