PDF Files: What Tools to Use in Converting Your PDFs

Technologyby Ariana Smith24 August 2020

PDF Files

PDF files are commonly used in offices, personal purpose, businesses, and more. This file format is also accessible, and many individuals use it because it’s easier to handle. With PDF converting tools, people can easily convert those PDF files into different documents or other file formats to PDFs with no difficulty.

Use the best conversion tool to convert your documents quickly and use the converted documents to whatever you want. If you don’t know what converter to use, this guide can provide a list of capable tools. So here are the tools that you need to use in converting your PDF files.

PDF Bear

PDF Bear is the best converter that you can use with zero cost. This software can convert your files to PDF and PDF files to any file format in less than 20 seconds. PDF Bear is also a web-based converter that you can use wherever you are using only any device that you can connect to the internet. It’s capable of converting PPT, Word, HTML, Excel, and JPG to PDF easily and quickly.

Aside from its converter, users can also use other tools like the compressor, merger, or split PDF. Every feature of PDF Bear will give you a procedure that anyone can perform without putting pressure on themselves. This software also ensures the safety of your documents, and after you upload a file, it will be instantly deleted after one hour.

Power PDF

If you have a business that needs a PDF conversion tool for daily transactions, you can use Power PDF since it is a flexible converter. The former owner of this software is Nuance before acquired by the company that excels in an enterprise deployment, security, and collaborations, Kofax. This software is the standard version of their products, but users can upgrade to the advanced version. Power PDF is also an accurate converter that you can get in the market, and it can also allow you to assemble, combine, and edit files easily.

PDFmate Converter Pro

With the OCR technology, PDFmate Converter can assist its users in editing and converting their scanned files, and it’s convenient to use this software daily. It’s a 6 in 1 converter, and it can convert standard formats like EPUB. Users can also combine files by choosing the needed pages they need to convert. When you use this software, it’s quite easy to split your documents into different files in your folder. You can also add a password to your file so that unwanted people can’t view or edit it.


PDFelement is another handy software with an interface that is user-friendly. If you want a conversion tool capable of converting PDF files into any file formats, PDFelement should be a perfect choice. Aside from having flexible result options, it can also allow you to convert different file formats into one single file. Users can make converted documents with the source format without compromising the image and font quality.


When you can’t handle your PDF files correctly, use PDF tools to make your life easier. PDF files are essential; that’s why you need to use different tools in handling them. If you know the necessary tools, especially the conversion tools, it’s easy to turn your documents into PDFs without any problem. Choose the most helpful PDF managing tool like PDF Bear to convert your files easily. PDF Bear will also allow anyone to compress, merge, or protect their PDF files in seconds.

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