Ways To Install Pokemon Go Mod Apk And More!

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Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Pokemon Go mod apk is the better version of Pokemon go apk and is currently one of the most popular games. Nostalgia mixed with optimism is one of the many reasons people play Pokemon Go.

Studies show that the game evokes people to go out, socialize by playing with friends, and inspires and encourage creativity. Playing this game requires players to go out, which means players are exercising, which positively impacts the body and mind.

It has also been observed that playing Pokemon has led to increased brain activity and boosts productivity in the brain. The universe of Pokemon has the power to immerse players, and the mascot Pikachu, made the franchise a household name.

Ways To Install Pokemon Go Mod Apk And More!

Ways To Install Pokemon Go

The game Pokemon Go Apk is a part of the series where players have to catch Pokemon on a global scale. You can start playing the game wherever you are, and there are different characters worldwide.

There are, however, features in the game that need to be bought and identified as premium features. The premium features can be accessed through the game Pokemon Mod Go Apk without paying for it.

Pokemon Go mod apk can be downloaded with Apkmody, which will update the app based on the available features. Users of this game can download it without using Google Play.

What Is Pokemon Go Apk?

Pokemon Go apk is the original game where players get to play on a global scale. There are battles in the game in which players must win so that their Pokemon characters can win too.

The characters in the game can be customized. For players to start playing Pokemon games, training is provided to everyone for some time. It helps them become more aware of the tools and strategies used to win.

What Is Pokemon Go Mod Apk?

The Mod version of the game Pokemon Go Apk is advanced as it gives access to premium features. Players also received unlimited coins, making it more interesting for them players.

Game players can also access joysticks in the Pokemon Go Mod Apk leading to achieving the target or goals in less time. Competitions can be handled better in the mod version than in the original version. Users do not need to pay any charges to download the app.

There is a mode of Pokemon GO Trainers online which can be accessed online. Players at the beginner level can explore the Pokemon characters and the world around them. With the increased technology and advancement in the game, it has become a global sensation.

The app has been downloaded over 1 billion times and has received several awards in the gaming and technology industry. Awards by TechCrunch, such as “Best App of the Year,” and the Game Developers Choice Awards, such as “Best Mobile Game,” are received by the application.

What Are The Features?

What Are The Features

The game’s features help players improve their gaming strategies and win more battles. The parts are as follows:

  • 3D Graphics – The game has been developed in 3D due to the presence of GPS, which renders the graphics like the real world. The character moves along with the player when they move while the map adjusts to their movement.
  • Map – The map uses GPS; hence it is real, giving the game a realistic feel and experience to the gamer.
  • New Poke items – There are Pokemon issues such as wounds, injuries, or weaknesses that can be treated with things in this game. Potions, proteins, pokemon balls, berries, and healings can be used to treat the issues.
  • GPS feature – The game looks realistic because it makes it believable, along with the map integration. It, therefore, incorporates the real location and makes the Pokemon appear in the location, making it realistic.
  • Bugs fixed – Several minor and major bugs were resolved due to the added updates to the game.
  • New Pokemon – The entire generation of Pokemon are covered in this game; hence, players will get to see new Pokemon added in the new era.
  • Free service – The app does not require any money for the premium features and the extra coins.
  • Technical issue resolved – Every update developed and implemented in the game has resolved the persistent technical problems.
  • Unlimited Coins – Certain features are effective concerning the Mod version of the game. Unlimited money or coins is one element. This feature allows the players to buy anything.
  • Fake GPS – This feature will allow the player to go to a location that is impossible for them to travel. They can play in the new location without any issues.
  • Safe – The game is completely free to download and install. Players would not face any issues regarding malware, hackers, and spyware.

How To Download And Install It?

The app can be downloaded and installed, and accessed on devices. It is available on all devices, such as Android, iOS, and others. The game can be accessed from another device from where you left the previous device.

However, it cannot be accessed on multiple devices simultaneously. The downloading and installation process is as follows:

  • Download the game from their official website, pokemon.com, even though it is available on Google and Apple stores.
  • It would help to let the complete game download be best so that no files are missed.
  • Place the file in a folder that can be accessed.
  • After clicking on the file, it will open, then click on the install option, which is present at the bottom of the right-hand corner.
  • Once the installation is complete, the game can be launched.
  • Once the game loads along with the mod, enjoy yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages

The game’s biggest advantage is that it combines reality and GPS, turning into beautiful graphics. The game is addictive due to the mysteries filled along with the feeling of adventure in the game.

The disadvantage is that the game takes about 100 MBs of storage, which can rise up to 300 to 400 MBs once installed.

The device’s battery can be drained easily because of the constant use of maps and GPS. It also impacts the game if the device is low quality, making it hang in the process.


Please read the article to learn about downloading and installing the Pokemon Mod Go apk and its features, making it an addictive game. You will also know the difference between the original and the advanced versions. Please comment below to inform me about your favorite character in Pokemon.

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