8 Push Notifications Strategies to Increase iOS and Android Apps Engagement

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Push Notifications Strategies

Simply owning a business app is not enough. You have to bring customers to your platform to grow your business. If you are able to bring customers, you have to engage them for a longer period of time.

Now, this is the task that requires your time and effort. It is difficult to engage customers for a longer period of time due to the growing market competition. This is why you are required to focus on your marketing strategy. You must include React Native Push Notifications and other such techniques effectively to build a connection with your customers.

Well, let us dig deeper into push notifications strategies to increase iOS and Android app engagement.


The first impression matters a lot. If you are able to leave a solid first impression on your users, the chances of deletion of the app will be reduced to a minimum. So, it is good to go for a well-crafted onboarding to put that impression.

When it comes to earning that opt-in you are required to create an eye-catchy message using the best argument. This will tell users the reason behind opting into your push notification service.

Now if you are able to make this part right, half of your task is done. But in case you receive no, there is no need to worry. You can approach them later using a more convincing message.



Personalization plays a crucial role in engaging the audience with your platform. The thing is, if the users feel that you have something to offer them, they are more likely to enjoy your push notifications. They will also manage time to open and see your notification.

The more personalized the notification more will be the chances of the sales on the spot. You can collect user data easily based on the install and post-install activity to send personalized notifications.

Rich Media:

When it comes to Push Notifications, you cannot neglect the role of the rich media. You can add images, videos, graphics, emojis, gifs, etc to make your push notifications more interesting.

The thing is, when you use gif, image, etc in the notification, it will motivate the user and creates an urge to open and see it. Then it doesn’t matter with what motive you have sent the push notification, the chances of success will be more as compared to a normal push notification.

Limited Time Offer:

One of the best ways to engage users to your app is by offering them limited-time deals and offers. The Fear of Missing out will be so strong that it will motivate the users to click the link to pay a visit to your platform.

But limited-time offers don’t mean that you are offering your customers irrelevant or unfavorable offers. The offers must be on the services or products of their interest. They must be appealing enough to convince them to visit your app.

Make them feel Special:

Haven’t you seen a notification about the game that you used to play earlier and you haven’t shown your presence for few days? The notification is something along the lines “Your team needs you warrior”, or “Hey warrior, you got a new mission” and so on.

This must-have make you feel special and you have visited the app to see what the mission is all about or where your team needs you. Don’t you? This is the way to engage the users with your app using push notifications.

Timely Push Notifications:

Timely Push Notifications

When it comes to taking maximum benefits of push notifications, timing plays a crucial role. You cannot send as many notifications and that too on irrelevant time to your users. You are required to put a limit to the frequency. You must avoid sending push notifications during busy working hours or during the night.

This is going to annoy the user. If it goes in excess, you may lose your users. They will be forced to opt out of your services. It is good to send push notifications to your users when they are free to view them. This will increase engagement as well as sales.

Track Success:

It is good to keep an eye on what is working in your favor and what not. This will help you move ahead with more engaging content. You can take the help of Google Analytics, to begin with.

It is one of the best ways to track the activity of the user. This will let you make the necessary changes to make your app more engaging.



It is of no use to have a business app that is designed for the users and is not as per their needs. Use push notifications effectively to establish two-way communication with your users.

Ask for their feedback on your app, products, or services. This will let you know what they really want. The feedback will not only make them feel like valuable customers but will also allow you to make necessary changes. It will help you to improve your app.


When it comes to app engagement you can’t go with a single strategy to get the desired results. You have to refine your strategies. You have to take into account various strategies. To make it easy for you, some of the best strategies are presented here.

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