Entering the Realm of Business Casual: 3 Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Polo Shirt

Fashion by  Mashum Mollah 10 February 2020 Last Updated Date: 25 August 2020

Polo Shirt

Most men have heard of it, in fact, they probably have a few in their closets. The extremely comfortable, middle of the ground shirt that comes in somewhere between the formal button-down and the casual t-shirt. This is the shirt that provides a little bit of style (more than a plain t-shirt), and it also frees the wearer from being concerned about issues like wearing an undershirt or ironing. The polo shirt is ideal for helping to take things up a notch (or two) during casual occasions, especially those activities that may wind up more active.

Polo shirts, like the ones  available in this, are made of knitted material, rather than woven material (which is what button-downs are made of) they provide more freedom for movement. After all, these shirts are named after a sport that involves hitting a ball with a mallet while on a horse. No one has time to worry about the state of their shirt when they are on a horse trying to hit a ball. This is why it is no happy accident that polo shirts make an appearance in an array of sports uniforms.

However, for those who aren’t wearing the polo on the field, there are a few unwritten rules to follow. This will ensure the polo is worn right and that it looks amazing.

3 Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Polo Shirt:

1. Do Think Past Traditional Jeans

There’s no question that pairing jeans and polos are a classic look. However, there are so many other ways a person can wear a polo. There’s no need to be limited to just this look.

If a person is going for a classier look that is still casual, they should consider pairing polos and chinos. This is a stylish combination that is great for men of all ages. For an ultra-casual look, pair polos with joggers. This provides a structured look that has a sporty edge which is what makes these two items work well together.

2. Don’t Tuck a Polo Shirt into Shorts

Polo Shirts

Unless a person is ready to go into full “prep” mode, it is a good idea to rock a polo shirt untucked or with a French tuck if this is an absolute must, when wearing shorts. However, for those who are good with going full prep mode, go ahead and throw some caution to the wind and tuck the shirt in. The only essential here is to pair this look with boat shoes.

3. Choose a Shirt That’s Fitted but not Tight

Make sure to pay attention to the fit of a polo shirt in two main areas -; the arms and the waist. The waist of the polo shirt needs to fit the same way that a comfortable t-shirt will. It should skim the body with plenty of room for free movement but not get baggy.

The ribbed cuffs and collar of most polos will provide more structure than an average t-shirt, so make sure these elements don’t draw too much attention to these areas. This cuff should hit the mid art of the bicep snuggly; but not so tight that it leaves a mark on the skin.

By following these do’s and don’ts, a person can learn how to wear a polo and how not to wear it. Keep this in mind to create a stylish and comfortable look.

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