Reasons Why You Should Choose Composite Decking Brisbane

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Composite Decking Brisbane

A backyard deck is something really welcoming that just allows you to sit back and relax. Brite Decking materials are beginning to make inroads into the market in Australia, but the benefits of this decking form may not be fully realized. Here, in-depth, the benefits of composite decking Brisbane are explained.

1. Low Maintenance:-

The greatest benefit with composite decking is less or zero maintenance (otherwise known as WPC). Composite decking does not rust, peel, discolor, curl, warp, attract termites, or mold, unlike natural timber. Natural timber requires frequent (at least once a year) oiling or staining at a considerable expense in both time and materials. Those costs are reduced by composite decking. Reclaim the weekend!

2. It is good for the environment:-

Most WPC boards, up to 90 percent of the overall composition, are made from reused materials Typically, these materials are reclaimed hardwoods and reused plastics which reduces the sum of garbage headed for the landfill. Few distributors also have FSC certification, which means that timber is securely used in production. It should be noted how decking must be stopped with rice pulp rather than just reclaimed plywood, as this material can not be reused and it is prone to absorption of moisture, leading to warping and premature decay.

3. It is supplied in standard sizes:-

In regular widths and lengths, WPC Decking is supplied, helping you ensure you get maximum value for money. It also means that you won’t have to dig through your timber delivery in search of the required board size and grade. This will decrease the waste on your project considerably. Longer lengths often mean fewer interactions, reducing the danger of development.

4. Installation can actually be cheaper:-

Installation costs will definitely become minimized because the composite decking boards were standardized or typically far bigger than actual timber boards. This is because wider boards mean that larger areas can be decked quicker, saving labor costs theoretically. Decking supplied with lower surface or ‘hidden’ fixings often requires fewer screws than natural timber, which, regardless of thickness, requires a minimum of 4 screws for each and every board.

WPC heavy-duty allows for longer stretches on the sub-frame, reducing the cost of materials and labor again.

5. Can be used in marine areas:-

WPC Decking is suitable for marinas, jetties, pontoons, and around spas and swimming pools, due to its non-corrosive properties. It won’t rot from water exposure, nor will it attract fungus. Most composites in damp fields are often non-slip – extremely functional.

6. Simple to install:-

Usually, composite decking is built in the same way as real wood on a subframe and can also be used to cover rotted timber without also removing the frame. Laying the deck boards very quickly and easily under deck fixings, ensuring you can DIY and save on paying a trader!

7. Uses hidden fixings for a sleek, safe look:-

The composite decking gives the elegant, smooth look under the floor and ‘hidden’ fixings. Not only do these fixings look nice, but they are also very easy to install and provide barefoot protection by keeping sharp screws and nails under the ground firmly in place.


Recent composite decks looked and felt more like plastic than wood, but modern designs have come full circle – it might not be possible for certain buddies to tell the difference! The WPC is now accessible in a wide variety of colors, profiles, and finishes, from ultra-modern to ultra-realistic.

Increase the value of your home by building a quality composite deck this weekend for preventive maintenance.

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