Resentment in Relationships: The Silent Killer of Love and Happiness!

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resentment in relationships

Have you ever experienced resentment in relationships? Do you wonder about the cracks in your relationship? How did they get there? In this article, I will highlight the signs of resentment and how it got into your relationship in the first place. 

Have you held on to your feelings for too long, which has led to resentment? You know, these feelings will impact your mental and physical health! I am here to make you aware of how resentment can affect you individually and in a relationship in the long term. 

In this blog, you learn about the causes of resentment and how relationships suffer because of them! I am also here to share with you the strategies that will help you resolve the causes due to which resentment seeps into relationships. 

Resentment in Relationships: The Silent Killer of Love and Happiness! 

Resentment in Relationships_ The Silent Killer of Love and Happiness!

It is common for both men and women in a relationship to avoid confrontations in an argument; thus, the disappointments build up resentment. When you constantly suppress how you feel about the challenges and issues, you will become more resentful. 

Maybe you had a misunderstanding with your partner, but after a week or so, you burst out with anger, and there was nothing. This is where you can observe the extent of resentment, which will negatively impact your relationship in the long term. 

I am here to share some signs of resentment that will help you identify the signs or symptoms in your relationship. You will understand the nature of your partner and how they deal with you in an argument or a crisis. 

Some feelings add to resentment in the relationship, such as disappointment, fear, frustration, disappointment, hostility, bitterness, injustice, imbalance, blame, and regret. These aspects are all part of how you and your partner feel. 

Signs Of Resentment! 

Signs Of Resentment!

It is not easy for you to see the signs of resentment mostly because many of these actions or symptoms are a part of our daily lives. These signs are multi-layered, combining several feelings and overcrowding your mental space. So, what are the signs of resentment in relationships? 

This goes on to make you a resentful person as you feel like you are being wronged! To some extent, the feeling of being a victim is common. However, that is not the case. Go through the signs to have a better idea of the feeling! 

  • You or your partner is tense around each other because of the feeling of being wrong! 
  • A sense of peace is present, but it feels forced, considering both of you are trying to avoid conflict. 
  • You cannot stop thinking about the incident or the interaction that sparked the resentment. 
  • You are talking badly about your partner with others behind their back. 
  • You or your partner are avoiding the discussion topic or trying to ignore reaching a debate that will help you resolve the conflict. 
  • You emotionally and physically pull away or vice versa because you feel resentment. 

How Does Resentment In Relationships Impact! 

How Does Resentment In Relationships Impact!

It is quite normal to feel resentment in relationships, and I am not saying it will happen for huge events! Many times, small events or incidents lead to resentment among couples. So, how do you think resentment influences or impacts your relationship? 

Emotional effort is necessary, especially in a relationship, because you need to grow together and yet be happy in your space. Disbalance in this effort creates concern, especially because you will feel you have been pushed back several paces from the ultimate precipice of your relationship. 

What do you do to understand the impact resentment has on a relationship? First and foremost, learn to let go! Only some things need to be addressed or responded to. Sometimes, you must stop holding on to the hurt feelings from issues and crises! How to let go of resentment in a relationship? 

The ongoing issues, tracking quality, heated spats, and crises are a part of the relationship, but you need clear communication to resolve them! If you try to push the issues under the mat and continue as if you are still waiting for something to happen, you will never be able to facilitate bonds. 

There are several other concerns, such as emotional gaps and blame shifting, which you must resolve. This is regarding the emotional growth of both parties through several experiences.

Causes For Resentment In Relationships! 

Causes For Resentment In Relationships!

Do you know what the causes of resentment are in relationships? It is important because until you understand it, you will not be able to create a healthy relationship. There are a variety of things that lead to emotional turmoil and resentment! 

Sometimes, partners mistreat or do not listen to you, even when you consistently highlight a concern. This behavior can lead to resentment, henceforth unleashing destructive emotions and thoughts. Your relationship is poisoned with resentment; hence, you must learn how to deal with it effectively. 

Some of the common sources of resentment that manipulate your emotions and hurt you incessantly are as follows: 

  • Betrayal 
  • Shame 
  • Trauma 
  • Communicating boundaries and still getting them violated 
  • Jealousy 
  • Embarrassment 
  • Identification and setting boundaries still deflect them 
  • Your needs are not met even when after sharing them 
  • Expecting something without sharing what you want 

These aspects might be common or constant in romantic relationships, especially long-term ones. Long-term balance occurs when a relationship lasts for a long time; therefore, you must be careful about how you treat your partner. 

Due to workload or implementation of power, there needs to be more clarity between couples, which impacts the overall growth of the relationship. Usually, one partner becomes the caregiver while the other takes. 

This is when the caregiver’s needs in the relationship go unmet, leading to disappointment and resentment!

How To Deal With Resentment In Relationships? 

How To Deal With Resentment In Relationships_

Now that we know the causes for which you might be feeling resentment in your relationship, here are some ways to deal with it. You can also share these ways or strategies with your friends or family suffering in a relationship filled with resentment. 

You have to bring change in the way you feel about yourself. Only then can you bring change to the way your partner thinks about you? You must admit and address resentment to change the perception, mindset, and emotional response between you and your partners

The first step is to develop self-compassion because being kind to yourself and your partner will help you create better-coping mechanisms in the relationship. Mistakes are a natural part of human actions and tendencies; hence, they must be considered. 

Empathy is another important emotion you must feel towards your partner to cope better with your person. It will also help you see the situation more clearly and unbiasedly. Hence, dealing with resentment in relationships is not easy but neither is it difficult. 

Being grateful is another aspect that will help you resolve concerns between you and your partner. Showing gratitude to your partner makes you happier because it feels like a special award. Please believe that motivation, reward, and support resolve the benign issues leading to resentment! 

Finishing Off… 

Relationship resentment is a big no-no-no, especially if you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner. It would be best if you worked hard to resolve the resentment and strengthen the human bond between the partners. 

I am sure you have realized that there are significant perceptions and emotional responses between two individuals in a relationship. This must be managed effectively to avoid developing a negative perception.

Comment on what you think is the cause of resentment in relationships or how to deal with it so that the relationship stays positive and motivated!

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