Do You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney?

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Slip and Fall Attorney

Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident? A large number of individuals suffer from such injuries caused by the negligence of others.

According to law, victims can file a claim against the party responsible for negligence. Nevertheless, not all situations are qualified as slip and fall cases. A personal injury attorney can determine whether your accident fits the profile, as well as lead you through every step of the procedure.

The information below will help you figure out whether you need legal assistance.

What qualifies as a slip and fall case?

What qualifies as a slip and fall case

While numerous individuals trip, slip, and fall each year in their households, at work, in the homes of other people, or in public, not every incident is qualified as a slip and fall case. Some accidents are a result of nothing else but the carelessness of the victim, not the actions of other people.

In the field of personal injury law, such claims involve the negligence of another party and occur at a location or property in the ownership of someone else.

The possessor or property owner must have failed to meet the care standards or haven’t maintained his/her premises in a safe condition. Sometimes, hazardous conditions are caused by failing to take safety measures or provide proper signage.

For instance, slip and fall cases occur when malls forget to provide warnings of a wet and slippery floor, and some shoppers end up injured because of it. Another scenario occurs when a person falls in a restaurant because of a worn carpet.

Such incidents might occur outside of buildings as well if a person trips due to a sidewalk that hasn’t been maintained well. Check out some helpful tips to learn how to fall safely.

Liability types

In general, there are two types of liabilities in such cases, negligence, and carelessness. Incidents caused by negligence occur when property owners or leaseholders have failed to identify and repair a potential hazard, such as an uneven sidewalk, broken tiles, worn carpet, etc. The victim can prove that the liable party had sufficient time to resolve the problem but failed to do so.

Incidents caused by carelessness occur when the liable party is responsible for causing the hazard. It usually happens for the party to leave something with the potential to cause an accident in places where victims wouldn’t expect to come across such a hazard.


Slip and fall accidents take place more frequently than most individuals imagine. These sorts of incidents are particularly hazardous to the elderly. Older individuals suffer from mobility issues and are much more fragile than younger people.

Such accidents can be triggered by many things, but the most common ones include inadequate lighting, broken steps, torn carpets, broken floor tiles, damaged sidewalks, accumulated snow or ice, missing handrails, spills, etc.

Whenever an accident is triggered by any of these problems, an experienced slip and fall attorney can conduct a claim investigation to identify the parties that hold potential liability.

A highly reputable slip and fall attorney will work tirelessly on your behalf. These incidents result in different injuries, such as lacerations, bruises, head injuries, broken bones, etc.

Moreover, brain injuries and hip fractures are more common among elderly victims. Some victims end up sustaining not just physical but psychological injuries as well. Happens for some individuals to develop a fear of falling that affects their quality of life.

Why hire a slip and fall attorney?

Why hire a slip and fall attorney

If you are a suitable candidate for filing a slip and fall claim, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire an attorney that specializes in this field of law. These professionals take over the communication with the insurance company as soon as possible and become responsible for handling the investigation.

If you get in touch with such an expert right away, he/she will photograph and investigate the accident site and file reports with the right authorities.

Afterward, your lawyer will determine the exact cause of the accident, as well as gather medical records that link the fall to the accident.

He/ She will also demonstrate the severity of your injuries through evidence. These professionals collaborate with experts to prove the defendant’s liability and the extent of the victim’s losses.

Furthermore, your slip and fall attorney will assist you in determining the value of the claim in order for you to gain a better understanding of the settlement offers.

By knowing the approximate value of your claim, you can easily figure out whether a particular settlement is unfair or unreasonable.

Slip and fall attorneys prove the liability of the defendant by performing an analysis of the event, considering the factors involved, and determining the fault. The following link,, explains the concept of settlement in law.

Most importantly, slip and fall attorneys help their clients gain higher compensation. In most scenarios, defendants underestimate the value of claims. Nevertheless, your attorney will fight to get the settlement amount you deserve. He/ She will ensure you get compensated fairly.

Another benefit of having a legal representative by your side is the court experience of these professionals. They aren’t afraid of going to trial and completing every step of the process.

By deciding to file a claim without professional assistance, you’ll receive either no or little compensation. While you might not know which documents are necessary to bring to court, an attorney surely would.

Last but not least, hiring a slip and fall attorney will reduce the amount of stress you’re experiencing. He/ She will be in charge of all legal proceedings and handle all the paperwork on your behalf.

In the meantime, your job will be to rest and recover from the injuries. You won’t have to worry about upfront costs, as most lawyers charge for their services on a contingency basis.

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In conclusion

In the event of a slip and fall accident, waste no time contacting a personal injury attorney.

The sooner you hire one, the higher your chances of getting fair compensation!

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