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Marketingby Mashum Mollah03 December 2019

Fractional CMO

These days, more mid-size companies who are struggling with their marketing strategies are leaning towards outsourcing talents and services. These companies don’t want the financial burden and complexities of hiring a full-time marketing genius for seasonal promotional campaigns. This scenario ultimately gave rise to companies like Chief Outsiders that offer Fractional CMO services.

A Fractional CMO is essentially an outsourced C-level executive that helps companies devise, launch, and monitor marketing campaigns. And because the services rendered is only on a part-time basis, the company can save money that would otherwise have been spent on bonuses, regular salary, and other perks given to a full-time company executive.

Aside from these, you can find yourself in a win-win situation by hiring a Fractional CMO because of these other reasons:

A Fractional CMO Offers Great Marketing Advice and Leadership:


He or she can lead lower-level marketing personnel and teach them the ropes of the trade, so to speak. The Fractional CMO likewise offers an in-depth analysis and great understanding of marketing trends and how a company can use such trends to its advantage.

The Fractional CMO Can Provide Outstanding Help to the CEO:


Many CEOs, no matter how experienced or wise they have become, could still require a helping hand in the highly complex marketing aspect of running a business.

A Fractional CEO can fill that void and offer the CEO valuable insights on how to best run the company’s branding and marketing campaigns. He or she could also help conduct a marketing audit to ascertain which campaigns work and which ones should be scrapped entirely.

Your Company Can Widen Its Network Through a Fractional CMO:

Due to the very nature of his or her work, a Fractional CMO has an extensive network that includes fellow C-level executives, industry specialists, and entire agencies.

With this, you can establish linkages with such external resources to help your marketing campaign rise up from the ground and succeed.

Now, you may try spending thousands of dollars but you can never easily enjoy such networking opportunities in a snap. That’s an irresistible incentive to hiring a Fractional CMO.

You Can Enjoy Fast Turnaround Marketing-Wise:

While this is never always guaranteed, a highly-skilled Fractional CMO with lots of outside contacts can help fast-track your marketing initiatives and ensure relatively quick turnarounds.

In a highly competitive business arena, results that come quickly can spell the difference between bankruptcy and success.

For example, you’re launching a product or service that has a lot of things similar to the ones offered by other companies. With an experienced Fractional CMO, you can get ahead of the competition and achieve results while the competition struggles to keep things going. That’s what people love to call a game-changer.

It’s Possible to Hire a Fractional CMO for Various Purposes:

Many companies don’t realize that marketing is not a one-dimensional thing. You can utilize a Fractional CMO for at least four purposes:

  • Interim – Your full-time CMO is retiring or resigning and you need someone to fill that temporary void.
  • Coaching – You don’t have a full-time CMO and you need someone to provide guidance to your CEO and marketing staff.
  • Revitalization – Your marketing team is obviously lagging behind and you would like an experienced marketing professional to turn things around quickly.
  • Temporary – You only need seasonal campaigns, so a part-time marketing genius is your best option.

Consider hiring a Fractional CMO if your company’s needs fall under any of the circumstances mentioned. It will most likely be a win-win solution that you’ll be happy about.

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