Translating Agencies Do a Lot More than Translation

Marketingby Mashum Mollah14 January 2021

Translating Agencies

As the business world continues to cross borders and regions into new markets, translating agencies have grown and expanded to serve these enterprising companies’ needs. They’ve enriched their capabilities to offer expertise in all the areas in which accurate translation is vital. Companies have to familiarize themselves with the local laws, culture, and ways that business is conducted in a foreign country. 

Expanding the Range of Services

As they’re often the go-between in communications, Translating agencies have stepped up and invested in services besides basic translation. Today, a translation company may offer localization services that help companies negotiate a new market’s local culture and avoid any communications that can negatively affect their corporate image. 

Localization services typically involve the marketing and advertising departments of their clients. They adopt a company’s message, product descriptions, and corporate communications into a culturally suitable language to the target market. But they may also entail a company’s establishment of relations with the local governing authorities in the new market. 

Translation agencies may employ a team of legal translators who are skilled and experienced in performing accurate translations of legal documents and providing exacting interpretations of local laws and business regulations. 

They may also employ a team of logistical experts in the target market who are proficient in finding the suppliers a company needs to start production in a new market. They’ll negotiate the best contracts, deal with any problems, and ensure that a steady and reliable supply of materials is available to their clients. 

All of these services rely on the skills, experience, and knowledge of on-the-ground, local translators. But modern translating agencies tend to look toward the future and try to stay one step ahead of their client’s needs.

Future of Translation

The translating agencies of today may also have entered the world of machine translation. Machine translation is particularly useful for companies who use their website as their primary sales channel. But any company that values its customer service as a selling point for its brand will undoubtedly come to value the concept and practice of machine translation as well.

In the most common application, machine translation uses an algorithm as a substitute for a live translator in a conversation between a company representative and a customer speaking different languages. The company rep may be in an entirely different country than the customer. Still, by using this algorithm, they can communicate in almost real-time with each other over the internet.

Machine translation is being adopted by translating agencies as a facet of their range of services. It will by no means replace skilled human translators, but it’s a bonus to the capabilities of brands relying on the internet as a part of their marketing and sales approaches. 

If your brand is considering expanding into foreign markets, you should also consider enlisting the services of a skilled and qualified translating agency. They provide a lot more services than just translation and can mean the difference between success and failure in establishing a profitable business in a new market. 

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