What Are The Top Specialisation Fields In The Interior Design Course?

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Interior Design Course

Interior designing is one of the most lucrative career options for creative professionals and is different from interior decoration.

While the former involves imbibing the art and science of creating functional spaces inside structures, the latter focuses on adorning a space with furnishings. This is why you must pursue formal education to become a qualified interior designer.

Not many aspirants realize that interior design encompasses many sub-disciplines within its fold. When you pursue an interior design course, you get the basic skillset to dabble in all those specializations.

What are these top specializations within the field of interior design? Read on to find out.

Checkout Four Top Specialisation Fields In The Interior Design Course

Fields In The Interior Design Course

1. Furniture Design

Even though an interior design course may not specifically teach you how to design furniture, it does provide you with the elements of design, philosophies like minimalism, and knowledge of materials that can help you start designing furniture.

Furniture designers are hot property, meaning all big décor companies are looking for these professionals. You can also start your own furniture design studio as a qualified interior designer.

2. Interior Landscape Artist

Not many know about this sub-field of interior design, but interior landscaping is a hot trend that is here to stay. Countless commercial and residential projects want greenery indoors, especially in bigger cities where there is a dearth of green outdoor spaces.

Similar to outdoor landscaping, interior landscape artists fuse shrubbery with the interior environment of a building. Not only does this lend serenity and a certain je ne sais quoi to a structure’s aesthetics, but there are also many health benefits of interior landscaping.

3. Exhibition Design

Grand exhibitions that take place commonly around the globe require qualified interior designers capable of working on large commercial spaces. The expansive canvas of an exhibition only comes together when a designer understands and blends a space well.

If you like designing spaces, but don’t want to be limited by them, consider exhibition design. Professionally pursuing an interior design course will equip you with the elements required to handle colossal spaces without feeling overwhelmed.

4. Film Set Designing

The grandeur you see in Bollywood films these days is made possible by interior designers. They are skilled at creating sublime film and theatre sets. Needless to say, this sub-discipline is not only glamorous but also pays top dollar.

You can become a film or series production designer and work with some of the country’s best directors and producers. As a film set designer, you must come up with sets that suit the storyline narrated to you.

In The End

Becoming an interior designer requires cultivating a creative aptitude, but more importantly, a formal education from a renowned institution. A credible interior design course will teach you problem setting, material science, digital design tools, spatial design, and many other subjects you need to specialize in this field.

If you’re looking to enroll in an interior design course at a renowned institution, check out the Pearl Academy. View full details about the interior design course offered by the Pearl Academy by visiting their website.

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