Vital Signs You Need Rodent Pest Control for your Home in Jackson MS

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You have a lovely home in Jackson, MS; however, you can’t actually call it friendly if you have pests around the house and in the garden as well. Everyone deserves a pest-free home. Did you know that the garden in your backyard can attract as many types of insects?

If you are worried about pest control in Jackson MS, think of the rats and mice in your home and garden that can multiply faster than you can count. The common rats found in Jackson can range from Norway Rats and Roofway Rats.

So, how do you find out that you need pest control for your home in Jackson MS?

Tell-tale signs of Rats:

Tell-tale signs of Rats

Have you been sighting rats too often in your home? You may be confused whether it is rat poop or squirrel poop; whatever it is, you need to identify it and get rid of the pest that is messing up your garden and home. There are ways to find out. Rat droppings are unmistakable as they are shiny black and measure about ½ to ¾ inch long. Compare this with mice droppings, and there’s a marked difference. Mice droppings are smaller and smoother and have pointed ends.

Rats and Mice:

Have you noticed any chew signs? Teeth marks are a great way to identify a pest.  Rat teeth marks are 1/8 inch in length. The teeth marks of mice are smaller and appear more like scratches, rather than the gnawing marks of a rat.

Typical Rodent Signs:

Rats and mice are known to leave tell-tale signs that are easy to identify if you know what to look for. Before you call in some from pest control in Jackson MS, be sure of what type of pest you have to deal with.

Is your Dog Disturbed?

Is your Dog Disturbed

Several households in Jackson have dog pets. Is your dog acting strange and looking disturbed off and on? Such behavior can be because they smell rodents around the house. The problem is they can’t get to them as they hide deep in their burrows. Does your dog go to a particular spot near the fence or anywhere in particular? Your dog could be doing this more during the nights because that’s when the rats and mice start getting active. However, your dog can only smell the furry pests but can’t do much about them. Moreover, any contact with rodents can infect your dog.

Tell-tale tracks in dusty areas:

Rats prefer warm and dark areas of your home and the subtropical weather in Jackson makes it suitable for rats to survive.

Have you noticed any scratchy marks in dusty areas in the house or garden? Those are the giveaway signs of rodents’ presence. The most likely places to find such marks include areas where food is stored. Close examination will show entry and exit tracks, confirming rodent movement.

Gnawed Woodwork:

Gnawed Woodwork

Did you know that rats’ teeth won’t stop growing? They gnaw furiously on wood and other objects to stop the growth of teeth; otherwise, the teeth may grow too long and sometimes long enough to kill the rodents. Hence, if you notice gnaw marks on woodwork or drywall 1/8 inch long, you bet there are rats around.  Smaller marks indicate the presence of mice. Check all the woodwork in the house, including door frames, doors, cabinets, bureaus, for teeth marks before calling in the experts to exterminate them.

Smear marks along baseboards:

Rats and mice always sneak around the house by sticking near the walls and borders to avoid detection. If you find any unexplained greasy smears along with the corners of the room, the baseboards, or under the staircase, you can be sure rodents are regular visitors. You can try cleaning up the marks a couple of times and watch the areas, and if they reappear, it is time to take action.

Distinct Odor:

Rats and mice have a distinct odor, just like other animals. If you detect a strange, musky smell that does not go despite keeping all the doors and windows wide open, it is time to call in the pest control folks. Rodents build nests in the house or dig burrows in the garden and multiply too rapidly for your liking. The nests may contain fresh litter, which only adds to the bad odor.

Scratching and Squeaking Sounds:

Rats and mice sneak around during the night, and though they are known to move around as noiselessly as possible, they do make slight scratching or squeaking sounds when they move. You can hear distinct scratching or squeaking sounds in the silence of the nightfall in Jackson, and may even catch a glimpse of a vanishing tail if you switch on the lights.

Rodent Control:

Rodent Control

Mississippi has 22 kinds of rodents, including mice, rats, voles, squirrels, chipmunks, woodchucks, muskrat, nutria, and beavers. You may attempt rodent control on your own by setting traps or using poison baits. However, total eradication never happens. You may think you’ve gotten rid of all the rats and mice, but even a couple hanging around will multiply in no time. It is safer to leave it to professionals in pest control in Jackson MS, who will help get rid of the menace permanently.

The Department of Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks Jackson Office also have approved operators to remove rodents from your home safely.

Summing it Up:

Every home must have been infested by pests at least on one or two occasions. While traps and pesticides work to an extent, you need pest control professionals if the infestation is high.

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