5 Ways to Make Your Mac Last Longer

Technology by  Mashum Mollah 29 May 2019

Mac Last Longer

Have you ever noticed that your friends Macs seem to last longer than yours?  Chances are that they may be following some insider tips that you’re missing out on.  If you play your cards right, you can extend the life of a Mac for as many as ten years.

Improper treatment of any system, particularly Macs tend to reduce their lifespan. However, both in terms of hardware and software, the machines are made to last for quite a long time. Many criticize Apple and Macs because of the affordability factor. However, if you compare the average lifespan of a Mac with that of any other system, you will be able to see the difference.

In the same period that one Mac will sustain you, others will be replacing two to three systems in the same time. The question then that should be asked is whether Mac is expensive, or is it cheaper than other systems.

Macs have longer lifespans than the average PC if you know how to treat it right.  This is a big reason why they’re priced so high.  So, if you’re a Mac user eager to know how to get the most life out of your computer, take a look at some of the best ways to make it happen.

Routine Maintenance

It is ideal to keep your Mac running smoothly by maintaining it the same as you would a car. Tune-ups are important!  Get rid of unnecessary files, which are taking up space, and keep an eye on any trouble areas, which could get worse.

Running maintenance programs regularly will catch onto any irregular behavior that your Mac is experiencing so that you can fix it sooner rather than later. By keeping an eye on the small points, you will be able to fix them right away and contribute to the better health of the system.

Try to run your first aid program regularly, which will help ensure that your drives are performing the way that they should be. If you are facing issues, you can always call up the expert customer services that Macs have and help them guide you.

Upgrade Your Hardware

If your Mac starts to slow down or drag more than it used to in any way, it may be time to give it some upgrades.  Buying additional RAM or faster storage can make it much speedier, adding years onto your computer’s life.

Often when people are forced to say goodbye to their Macs, it’s not because they stopped working altogether, but because they are so slow that it gets too frustrating.  Therefore, rather than buying a new computer, consider simply replacing a few pieces of hardware.

This is a cheaper, cost-effective and efficient way to increase the life of your Mac. The hardware is not expensive and adds a ton of value to your experience.

Keep It Clean

Over time your Mac can start to accumulate a lot of dirt and grime.  Old debris and stains on your computer aren’t just less than pleasing aesthetically, but it can actually begin to degrade your computer’s performance.

If too much dust and debris make its way into the crevices of your keyboard or fan, it will slow down your processes and even block airflow.

By using a soft piece of cloth, you can remove all the dirt and the grim that might be accumulating on the system. Pay careful attention to the USB ports and the Tracking Pad. Any other areas that you seem should be cleaned properly should be taken to an expert right away.

Replace Your Battery

Batteries aren’t made to last forever.  After a certain amount of time, they will reach the end of their lives.  Therefore, if your Mac stops charging all the way, or runs out of battery much faster than usual, it may be time to replace the battery entirely.

If you are not careful about changing the batteries, it might start affecting other components of your system as well. As compared to other systems, Macs comes with the best batteries in the industry.

Use a Case

Bumps and drops happen.  Therefore, you should protect your Mac with a case, which ensures it has less of a chance of being destroyed in case of accidents.

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