7 Ways to Reduce Closet Space Competition

Lifestyleby Ariana Smith30 October 2017

reduce closet space

We’ve all been guilty of letting our wardrobes get out of control and overcrowded at times. Reducing competition for space in your wardrobe allows you to see exactly what you have quickly and easily which is very handy when you’re trying to get ready in a hurry.

So here are 7 great tips to help tidy up your wardrobe and keep it that way.

Seasonal rotation:

While we can’t always rely on the British weather, you can pretty much guarantee that you won’t be reaching for your summer dresses in November nor your woolly jumpers in July. Removing seasonal clothing items from your wardrobe creates more space for the items you are likely to wear which you can then rotate with your other clothes when the seasons begin to change.

Multiple clothing hangers:

If you are struggling for space in your wardrobe, you can get creative with the way you hang your clothes to neatly fit more items in your wardrobe. You can buy hangers which have room for more than one item of clothing to that one hanger can be used for two or three items of clothing.

Vacuum bags:

Vacuum bags are a great way to reduce competition in your wardrobe as you can store many bulky items such as towels, bedding, jumpers of coats in the bags which then reduce to a fraction of the size once the air is vacuumed out. Items within the bags stay wrinkle free and fresh and can be easily removed when needed.

Storage options:

If there are items of clothing, you don’t wear often or are saving for sentimental reasons then you may consider removing them from your wardrobe and keeping them in local storage units instead. This will leave more room for everyday items in your wardrobe but allows you to keep special items of clothing or valuables safe and secure in cheap storage units local to your home.

Keep your favourite outfits together:

If you have certain items of clothing which you frequently wear together such as a favourite skirt and blouse or trousers and jacket, then you may want to consider hanging them together on the same hangers to reduce competition for space in your wardrobe. This will save you space and time when you are getting ready in the morning.

Be brutal:

Wardrobes often end up crammed full of clothes that we no longer wear. If you want to reduce competition for space, then be ruthless and have regular sort throughs of your clothes. Get rid of anything you no longer wear, that no longer fits or is ripped or torn. You can donate many of your old clothes so not only will you be making more space, but you’ll also be doing a good deed.

Does it all need to be in there?

Often, we put everything in our wardrobe simply out of habit but hanging up everything creates competition for space. If you find that you are struggling for space, then why not remove some items which could instead be stored in drawers such as t-shirts or trousers.

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