Wedding Themes That Will Look Amazing in Photos

Weddingby Sumona02 March 2022

Wedding Themes

You’ll never run out of options for wedding themes. But if you’re worried about your theme getting dated a year later, you need to pick one carefully. Choosing a theme based on the trends can feel like the right choice now, but you might regret it when that trend ends right after your wedding.

Your wedding’s theme will be immortalized in photos. Hence, aside from picking a timeless one, consider if options are familiar to your wedding guests. While it’s your wedding and should be all about you and your spouse, your photos may look awkward if the guests visibly don’t know how to pull off the theme.

For example, if you picked a Harry Potter theme and some guests channeled Draco Malfoy but wore Hufflepuff’s House colors, the second-hand embarrassment may be too painful to deal with.

Of course, weddings should be lighthearted and fun, so you don’t need to take the theme too seriously. But still, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. There’s no harm in wanting your photos to look perfect ten to twenty years down the road.

Without further ado, here are the themes that you and your professional wedding photographer will love:

1. Movie-inspired Theme

1. Movie-inspired Theme

Consider a movie-inspired theme instead of a full-blown movie theme. For example, if you love Beauty and the Beast, you can express that by decorating the tables with the signature enchanted rose. You can also play the music used in the original Disney movie. You don’t need to wear Belle’s yellow gown or ask your future spouse to don the Beast’s doublet. The theme will look obvious enough in the photos from the enchanted rose alone.

If you love Harry Potter, you can choose the four House colors as the motif. But they need to blend well for the photos to look good. If you can’t risk creating an uncoordinated color scheme, choose only one or two House colors.

You can also forget about the House colors and just focus the Harry Potter theme on the dessert table. The books and movies introduced many magical sweets, such as cauldron cakes, chocolate frogs, licorice wands, and the iconic butterbeer.

A movie-inspired wedding will be better if your guests also love the movie. But it’s impossible to expect that from 50 or more guests. So, try to make the movie theme low-key and suitable for guests with varying tastes.

2. Cinema


If you can’t pick one movie, consider a cinema theme, where your wedding will feel like a visit to a movie theater. Have popcorn stalls, invitations designed as admission tickets, and a red carpet. This theme will produce stunning photos, and it would look like you had a star-studded wedding with all the decorations.

Don’t forget a cinema-themed wedding cake. Instead of decorating it with the usual flora, choose fondant filmstrips, reels, stars, and a director’s board with you and your spouse’s names on it. Douse it with a splash of gold to add some glitz and glamour.

The after-party photos of your cinema-themed wedding will look like pictures out of a Hollywood magazine. Make your dress code shiny but classy to pull off the theme fantastically.

3. Nature


Going for a natural look often results in the best photos. It shows your confidence and simplicity. Plus, letting nature serve as your backdrop is perfect this spring. The cherry blossoms can provide all the colors and decorations you need.

Don’t overdo the other decorations to avoid taking attention away from your natural surroundings. Stick to an earth-toned color palette. For example, decorate the tables with dried Setaria grass, then surround it with greenery and branches. They will look gorgeous in photos because the decor blends seamlessly with nature.

4. Vintage

woman holding beige-petaled flower bouquet

If your guests can follow a retro dress code, your wedding photos will look amazing no matter the year. A  vintage theme can make old-fashion special. Consider the 50s aesthetic to give your older guests a blast. The Gen-Xers, millennials, and Gen-Zers will love it, too.

You can play with fun hairstyles and wear cocktail dresses instead of long gowns. You can also play music via a jukebox to truly manifest the old times. If your photographer can also edit the color grading of your pictures, your wedding will feel like a journey back in time when you and your guests look at them.

Don’t feel pressured to pick only from this list. You can have any theme you like if you and your guests are up for it. What’s more important is your comfort and enjoyment. But, again, be careful when considering a trendy theme. The goal of your theme is for you to look at your wedding photos with fondness, not embarrassment and regret.

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