Wedding Videography – Why It Really Matters

Weddingby Ankita Tripathy05 January 2024

Wedding Videography

Getting married is a milestone in everyone’s life; that magical day when you promise your undying love to your soulmate; if you’re still single, somewhere on this planet is the right person for you and hopefully you will meet one day; if you think you have found your soulmate and are planning the wedding, this is an amazing opportunity to create a movie that captures the entire day, from arriving at the church to waving as you head off to the airport for that Maldives honeymoon.

Talk To A Videographer

Talk To A Videographer

There are a few top-rated wedding videographers in Sydney and Melbourne and they offer a tailored service; themes are great and whatever your concept, the videographer meets with you and your partner well in advance of the big day, which might be a Zoom call. He (or she) would also want to visit the venue to determine lighting and angles and come the day, they would have a storyboard to guide the shooting.

The great thing about digital video is you are not limited in terms of memory and the professional takes as much raw footage as possible to allow for more options in the cutting room. Once you have met with the videographer and all is arranged, you can invest in one of the bespoke wedding suits cut by a leading Sydney tailor and get ready for the most important day of your life. Ask to see a few previous projects to get an idea of what is possible, plus you can see what kind of quality the video has.

The Editing Process

The Editing Process

This is where the magic happens; your choice of background music is inserted and the format would be in chronological order, with professional transitions and the final cut would be put on DVD for you to keep, plus he can upload it to your secure online data storage. State-of-the-art video editing software such as Adobe Premier gives you TV-quality high-resolution video and digital sound, a forever memory of that most special of days.

Special Effects

If you prefer a starry or dreamy look, there are filters and the editing software has powerful tools; don’t be afraid to let the videographer know if you have ideas about using tech to improve the film. He will be happy to receive your input as it helps him to create a style that fits. If you are both moving into a new apartment, click here for top tips.

Perfect Gift For The Guests

Perfect Gift For The Guests

They might notice the videographer, but your guests won’t be expecting to receive a DVD through the post, which makes for a perfect reminder of the magical ambiance that your wedding has become. The service typically includes printed DVDs with sleeves, with you and your partner, and a wedding backdrop.

Getting married is a special event and by hiring a top wedding videographer, you can capture the very best moments of what is sure to be an amazing day for all!

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