10 Things to Prepare Before Wedding

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A wedding is a lifetime thing. You don’t want to forget your D-Day. We know the feeling for you, butterflies in your stomach, right? All needs to be perfect and on point, as if in a movie. You are the one whom everyone admires at your wedding. Of course, you don’t want any of it to go out of plan. That’s where we come for you, right? Why don’t we help you know some things to prepare before your wedding.

What do we usually look for during weddings? Shouldn’t we be discussing it with you? Your wedding preparation should be started as soon as you can. Delaying often leads to regret. You might want things, but they can be pre-booked from before. Rather than being upset about it later, preparation must be started. Let us jump into it already without delay as well.

Here are 10 things to prepare before the wedding:

1. Pre-booking of the venue

The deciding of the venue that is where the wedding would take place is important. You need to decide about the size of the venue so that all the guests can fit in without any commotion. The venue can be indoor as well as outdoor. The venue is the highlight of the wedding. No matter whether the wedding is subtle or grand,  the venue needs to be selected beforehand.

2. Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Well, you need to exchange rings at the wedding. Never forget your wedding rings. Remember to buy it beforehand. It is going to be with you for a lifetime. So, your engagement rings Sydney should be prepared with you beforehand. Make sure to have a budget for your rings, and they should be chosen with patience. You are the ones who are going to wear the rings forever.

3. Decorations of the venue

It is your wedding, and you can choose the decorations accordingly. The theme of the decorations can be subtle such as floral decors, or you hire wedding decorators. You should sit and decide all of it before D-Day. You can decide on a specific color or a party kind of theme as you wish. Make it attractive to the guests who will be present on your big day.

4. Choosing the wedding dresses

4. Choosing the wedding dresses

You can get your beautiful wedding dress from a designer or rent it as well. All kinds of options are available. Why don’t you try to match up and surprise the people attending? You both will be admired throughout. You can coordinate your dresses with the theme of the wedding as well.

5. Preparing Vows

Write your vows beforehand the wedding. You don’t want to say or ruin your vow exchanges. It is what you are going to tell each other and remember that you will spend together for the rest of your life. If prepared and practiced beforehand, you can never go wrong with the vow you say. People will be astonished by your vows for sure!

6. Fixing on the date and invites

6. Fixing on the date and invites

While preparing, remember you discuss the dates with each other. Your guests that you want to invite should also be comfortable with the date you are fixing. Invites can be based according to the theme of the original wedding. Make a guest list to whom you will send the invites too.

7. Preparation of the menu

It is your wedding, so guests will look for the food. Prepare a menu theme based on what you like. You can make a combination of the menu which both of you like. Talk to the caterers and listen to the menu they have for you. Sit down and focus on whether the food offered is tasty or not. Before guests taste it, you should know what is being served.

8. Beverages

8. Beverages

There will be all kinds of guests present at the wedding. You will never know what everyone’s preferences are. Book a bartender from before and discuss the beverages present. Both soft and hard drinks need to be present at the wedding as per your choice.

9. Marriage Officiant

Before anything, you need to select the one who will be there getting both of you married. You want the person to have a license to officiate your wedding ceremony. Choose and fix the date with them before.

10. Memoir for the guests

10. Memoir for the guests

You would like to present the guests returning with a small gift for attending your ceremony. They were there witnessing your wedding so a small memory can be gifted to the close ones. Decide what makes or gives the feeling of you both and can be shown as a token of gratitude for being there for you.

Final thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! Now you know the things to prepare before the wedding smoothly. There are many more things that you need to prepare before the wedding. Here are 10 things, and we hope they helped you understand what to do right. Keep these in mind, and save yourself from last-minute hustles.

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