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Statistics revealed that whenever you get a call from an unknown number, 70% of the time, it is a spammer or a scam call. But this still does not mean that you always avoid calls from an unknown number, as 30% of the time, it is from someone you already know, an acquaintance, or an emergency call.

This is where a reverse phone lookup platform can come in handy to find out information about the unknown caller before you decide to pick up the call.

WhoCallMe is a reverse phone number lookup platform that offers accurate results as per the feedback from its users and offers features similar to a premium unknown caller identifier tool that too for free.

Since it is a free tool, you may find it hard to believe that it is truly worth it, and it may seem unrealistic. We have tested this tool thoroughly, and we can vouch that WhoCallMe is the best tool you can find in the market today if you want to know who called you from an unknown number.

What is WhoCallMe?

WhoCallMe is a reverse phone lookup platform that offers accurate information about an unknown caller and their personal information, contact information, social media reports, and much more. 

This brilliant caller identification platform offers the unknown caller’s name and comprehensive details about them. It uses information from public databases. Hence, you can find information about almost all phone numbers when using this platform.

For example, if you are receiving a call from an unknown number and are skeptical about picking it up as it could be from a scammer, making use of WhoCallMe can give you the information beforehand and all details about the caller so that you can identify if it is a scammer or an acquaintance. 

On top of it, WhoCallMe is an entirely free-to-use reverse phone lookup platform; hence, no information is held back for premium users like in other paid platforms. Its database consists of data collected from various public records, making it pretty accurate. Further, their advanced algorithm can process their fast and precise database quickly. Hence, the results page is produced in minutes.

Why Should You Choose WhoCallMe?

Choose WhoCallMe

There are several reasons to choose WhoCallMe as a reverse phone lookup platform. Below are a few of the top reasons you should choose the platform.

1. To Conduct a Reverse Phone Lookup:

WhoCallMe is a reverse phone lookup platform that supports entering the full phone number to check the unknown caller and using an area code like 202 to find more details about someone. It fetches accurate information from various sources, such as public directories making use of this platform’s database that too free of cost. Rest assured, they do not withhold any information from you, which means you will receive a comprehensive report of the unknown caller.

2. You can Find the Unknown Caller Faster:

WhoCallMe uses an advanced algorithm to compute its database to search for information about the unknown caller. This means the database processing happens just in the blink of an eye. You can expect the results page to be generated in a few minutes, making the processes more accessible and faster.

3. It is an Accurate Reverse Phone Lookup Platform:

The accuracy of results generated using a reverse phone lookup platform depends on its database and the information using which the database is being updated. No worries, as WhoCallMe uses public directories to update its database, which means that it offers information that is accurate and reliable. This also means most phone number searches done using this reverse phone lookup platform generate accurate results.

4. Offers a Massive Database:

WhoCallMe collects data from multiple data sources, including public records, social media platforms, and other sources, which results in their vast database. This means the results generated by the platform are accurate, reliable, and up to date, as the database is updated as frequently as you may like. 

What You Can Know From WhoCallMe?

WhoCallMe generates a comprehensive report of the unknown caller and offers detailed data about them, including the following information.

Person’s Name:

Reverse phone lookup using WhoCallMe can be used to find out the full name of the person calling you from an unknown number. This will help you figure out if this is someone you already know. 


Many times, learning that there is a mutual acquaintance between you and the unknown caller might jog your memory. WhoCallMe also provides details of friends and acquaintances of the person calling you from an unknown number, which could help determine if it is a legitimate call.


Not just the name, but WhoCallMe also gives you the address of the unknown caller. You will get complete details about this person’s residential and work address. This can be especially helpful in identifying a scammer.

Social Media Handles and Email Addresses:

You can learn a lot about a person through the posts they make on their social media platform. Luckily, WhoCallMe also gives you additional details about the unknown caller, such as their social media handles and email addresses, which can be used to dig a little deeper into the background of the unknown caller. 

Alternative Phone Numbers:

It just so happens at the time that you have an alternative phone number for a person. WhoCallMe displays the alternative phone number of the unknown caller through the reverse phone lookup process. 


Online platforms charge premium fees to help you find the identity of an unknown caller. But why would you want to spend money on this when you can get the same features and even better service for free? Also, using a premium reverse phone lookup platform means logging into the website to identify yourself as a premium user.

This is an additional step which is a hassle in itself, but also, you will be giving this site permission to store your personal data. This can be a privacy issue.

On the other hand, WhoCallMe does not need you to log into the site to start using it to discover the unknown caller’s identity. This means that you will not be sharing personal information with them, which keeps your identity and search query discrete and helps protect your privacy. 

Our final verdict here would be that WhoCallMe is your go-to unknown caller identifier site, which can be accessed even through your smartphone and needs to be bookmarked on the browser. Look no further for a reverse phone lookup platform, as this is the best available in the market today!

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