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Wpit18 is a website discovered in the Philippines in which the idea of protecting animals has been encouraged. However, the question arises here is that “Is Wpit18.com legit or a scam?” and there are already many reviews on this website.

Some claimed that there are many jobs available on this website. For this, you need to fill the Wpit18 registration form by clicking on the Wpit18 login page.

It is basically a landing page for the World Pitmasters Cup where animals are used in competitions while people can bet on them or compete! This is important to understand that there must be some guidelines to follow.

However, there is some Wpit18.com registration process that you need to go through before visiting and filling up the actual wpit18 online form.

What Is Wpit18 Com? – Upcoming Contest 2022

What Is Wpit18 Com

Wpit stands for “World Pitmasters.” Actually, the site describes a particular type of animal game that involves the participants of the Philippines.

Wpit18 works in the Philippines and according to the website, the users need to register the site for the upcoming contests that we will discuss in detail below.

For example, a cockfight competition will be organized where you can enroll in the game and accordingly compete based on the designation for the game!

The content involves animals and it is going to be held in 2022. Wpit18 com register online or Wpc15 com register online will include the complete details of the person. 

Wpit18 Contest & Registration – Complete Details

Wpit18 hosts games every year. While researching about this website, we came to know that registration on this website is banned at present. As already discussed above, the contest involves animals and the price of the winner is around thirty-five lakhs.

There is a high search volume of the Wpit18 registration form and Wpit18 because the game is popular all over the world and people are willing to participate in the same.

In order to participate in this game, you must have at least a hundred points and if you win this game, you can earn a large sum of money. 

The Wpit18 login process includes the following steps:

  • Go to the official website of Wpit18
  • Check to create a new account
  • Enter your username and password
  • However, make sure all the details are correct
  • Then click on Sign in Wpit18 account
  • Now, enjoy accessing your Wpit dashboard.

What Is The Game All About?

You might be willing to know about this game in detail. So, here we are! 

Here, you need to bring your roosters to the open battleground for fighting. Now, if your rooster stays alive at the end of the game then you will be declared the winner of Wpit18.

The saddest part about this game is that many roosters have to sacrifice their lives for the sake of winning this stupid competition. A severe injury and bleeding are caused in this game.  


The contest of Wpit18.com involves animals that are considered illegal in most countries and vice versa. Keep in mind that any contest that involves animals is not fair at all. Hence, I would not recommend you to participate in this contest or become a member of Wpc15. 

Wpit18 Reviews – Is Wpit18.com Legit?

Wpit18 reviews claimed that the site hosts games every year in the Philippines. They provide many opportunities to users to earn money by participating in the content through the registration form. Some countries enjoy and participate in this game. 

However, this game is against the guidelines of certain nations. Let’s know why. 

  • The contest involves animals 
  • The chicken is genuinely harmed in this game
  • The competition shows no mercy on animals.
  • Birds and other creatures are involved with this competition and are cruelty stung. 
  • Wpit18 involves violence by people from all over the countries.

So, it’s confirmed that the contest is not legal at all yet some countries allow those events. Whereas, some countries maintain strict rules and regulations for the protection of animals.  

You have to consider the conditions of the animals that are involved in the games or competitions. Even though Wpi18 and WPC are protected with regards to legal bindings, it is still not acceptable with regards to the sufferings of animals.

Birds, animals and other creatures are a part of nature and we do not have any right to hurt them. You have to remember that you are harming the birds and the animals to earn money!

What Is WPC15? 

What Is WPC15 

Wpc15 stands for “World Pitmasters Cup.” This is a game where roosters fight against each other in the Philippines. 

The contests represent severe violence against animals which is regarded as God’s beautiful creature. 

How Does WPC15 Work?

How Does WPC15 Work

For the progress of the event, certain rules are set in order to maintain fair gameplay. All individuals who are willing to participate in this game (WPC15 dashboard) must follow certain guidelines described below:

  • Participants must fill the WPC15 registration form online.
  • The game is broadcast live on Wpit18 Com Live
  • A good amount of preparation is required
  • The game involves cockfighting 
  • Animals are harmed in this game. 

The Final Verdict

Wpit18 reviews claimed that the website is not legal at all because it involved the misuse of animals. Several NGOs and organizations are against these types of games and you never participate in such contests where animals are not respected.

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