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College Tech

It doesn’t matter if you are schooled long-distance or in person, college can be an awesome experience. You get to meet people, explore, and also get a degree that can help you get a job in the future or set up your own startup.

Aside from all of this, the college also has its challenges in the form of stress, keeping track of time, as well as others. However, these challenges can be mitigated or even overcome through the use of technology. This article discusses five tech tips you can apply in your life as a college student, so give it a quick read.

5 College Tech Tips to Improve College Life

As a college student, you might have some challenges that can be easily resolved through tech-related solutions. Here we discuss 5 tech tips that are easy to follow and can help make your student life easier.

1. Always keep a backup copy for safety

1. Always keep a backup copy for safety

This can not be stressed enough – always keep a backup copy. During college years, students often work on many writing assignments, and in the most unfortunate time a computer can break down. You can spend hours working on paper, and due to a spark on the motherboard, lose everything.

That is why doing a backup copy while you work and storing it on the web is always a good idea. Alternatively, you can pay someone to write my dissertation and avoid all this hassle altogether.

Now, when looking to back up your data, you can do this either physically or online. You can back up your data on another hard drive within your computer, but if your laptop was stolen, it would be gone. On the other hand, you could work on your projects using the cloud. Google Docs and One Drive are excellent examples of tools you can use. Your data can be synced between multiple devices for convenience and peace of mind.

2. Make sure you have “find my phone” turned on

To this day, people still tend to misplace their phones from time to time. As a college student with a hectic schedule, it can even be worse. Moving from room to room, you can easily lose your phone. Luckily, you can also easily find it.

Android phones have a feature called “find my device” while iPhone users have “find my iPhone”. Both features work the same way. If they are turned on before the phone goes missing, they can help you find your phone by providing a live location update, and depending on the OS version, your phone can emit a sound to help you find it.

With technology, your phone can help you find it, much like how a parent can help their child choose a college — a good read for any parent concerned with choosing a college for their child.

3. Use dual monitors for improved performance

3. Use dual monitors for improved performance

Many people who used to use one monitor only before can tell you how beneficial duel setup can be. You can easily have one monitor for typing and the other one for watching a YouTube tutorial.

It might seem like it is a difficult thing to do, but it can be quite easy to set up. Even if you are using a laptop, you can connect an extra monitor by connecting an HDMI cable to your display port. If you don’t have an HDMI cable, you can also opt for USB monitors — as their name suggests, they can be connected to computers through a USB port.

There are mainly two reason

4. Use an online note-taking app for classes

s why using an online note-taking app is a good idea. One, you don’t have to worry about losing your notes. Two, as long as you have access to the internet, you have easy access to your notes. As a student, your schedule can be hectic and made up of many activities. Imagine a scenario where after a class, you head to your dorm, freshen up, then head to the library, only for you to get there and find out you forgot your notes in your dorm.

To avoid this, you should use note-taking apps such as Google Keep. This is a good option for both android and iPhone users. Using Google Keep allows you to easily create, view, edit, and delete notes while on the go, something most students appreciate.

5. Try and submit assignments in PDF

5. Try and submit assignments in PDF

It is best to submit your assignments as PDFs because you don’t get to worry about how they will look on another device. Many students have an experience where after writing an essay and sending it to the professor, it was slightly distorted.

If you send a PDF file instead, it will look exactly the same on every device, since its structure and layout are set. If you use Google Docs, you can save your file as a PDF by simply specifying PDF format in the download options. If you use Microsoft Word, you can go to the “File” menu, select the “Save as” option and specify PDF.


A student’s life isn’t the easiest. You can be faced with numerous challenges on a day-to-day basis, but you don’t need to worry. There are many tools you can use that have been built with the purpose of helping make your life easier. These 5 tips should help you, but there are many more out there to check out. There are always ways to upgrade your routines with the help of tech solutions, and you should definitely give some of them a try!

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